Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Campbell Turns Five

Campbell is five years old today. Five feels like one of those milestone birthdays. I remember thinking when he was born that five seemed so big and also so far away. Now here we are.
I could go on and on about all of the sweet characteristic traits this little boy possesses. I've shared this before but it's been a long time so I'll share again. When Campbell was about 18 months old, my mom told me that she prayed my entire pregnancy that Campbell would be a really sweet boy. The Lord heard and answered those prayers. Campbell has such a precious heart. He is a gentle soul, kind, and so very loving. He aims to please and do good. He never gives us trouble. He is sensitive (gets that from his momma) and very social. All of the teachers he's ever had have always made it a point to tell us how much Campbell's friends like Campbell. I love that he's so good to his friends.
Campbell isn't just sweet to his friends, he's sweet to his family too! He loves his people. Campbell is THE best big brother. He tells everyone you're his "best buddy" and whenever he gets himself a snack, he'll take it upon himself to grab one for you too.
Campbell currently loves dinosaurs. He also loves to perform his Power Ranger moves for you. Campbell loves to watch Ryans Toy Review on the iPad and his love for Paw Patrol is still pretty strong. He really enjoys playing with his Transformers, dinosaurs, and doing crafts. Campbell is a perfectionist and easily gets frustrated if he can't do something right. This will sometimes result in him just wanting to give up but with a lot of encouragement, we can usually talk him into giving it another try and when he gets it right, he's SO proud. His favorite snack is a fruit snack, his favorite candy is skittles, and he loves when we let him eat a Happy Meal (hamburger-plain with fries and apples). 
My how I love this boy. He is his fathers child and these last five years have been the best of my life. Campbell is easy to parent and easy to love. He is already a gentleman telling me I'm pretty and always opening the door for me. The lady who gets to marry him is a lucky one for sure.
Happy 5th Birthday Campbell!! You have no idea what a treasure you are. We love you more than you could possibly imagine!!!

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