Monday, March 25, 2019

Campbell's 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated our (almost) five year old on Saturday with family and friends and had a great time doing it! Campbell wanted to have a bowling party this year with a dinosaur cake. So that's what we did! Campbell is SUPER into dinosaurs right now and can tell you anything you need to know about them. And he's always had a fun time bowling so it all made sense that this is what he'd want to do.
Campbell has been looking forward to his birthday party for months. He's at that age where birthdays and birthday parties are very anticipated and a really big deal which makes it fun. We spent an hour bowling then after we bowled we had pizza and cake!
Campbell has been playing with all of his new birthday presents that his sweet friends got him, non stop since the party. I think my little buddy had a really great day and that makes me happy.
Officially five tomorrow! Can't believe it.

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