Saturday, March 23, 2019

Wells | Two Months Old

Weight: He went to the doctor on Monday and weighed 8lbs, 9 oz

Height: About 21 inches
Sleep: We've made great strides in the sleep department this month. Wells is waking just once a night now. I put him down for bed at 8:00 and he *typically will sleep until about 3:00ish. He takes a quick feeding in less than 10 minutes then goes right back down and wakes up again around 6:30. I'm struggling because I can't get him to take a dreamfeed. I always do a dreamfeed with my babies but he is SO passed out I can't get him to wake up enough for one. I feel like because of this I'm going to be getting up in the middle of the night with him for several more weeks since we're going to have to have the goal of an 11 hour stretch of sleep right away.

Eat: Wells eats about 7 times a day now. He's getting a little more efficient and finishes a feeding in less than 7 minutes.
Clothes: Still in newborn clothes and Kickees. He can wear his preemie Kickee pajamas but his toes are at the very edge of them so it's probably time for me to put those away!

Diapers: Just finished up our last pack of Honest newborns and have moved on to size 1!

Likes: Being held, milk, snuggling with Momma in the morning, the paci, very warm baths.
Dislikes: Being naked, being cold, that time between getting out of the bath and getting fully dressed. I've never known a baby as cold natured as this one. His lip quivers all the time and he can't stand being cold.

Milestones: He definitely improved upon his sleep this month. As of this week he will finally take a bottle!

Month Two: Month two had a few challenges. Wells and I had thrush and he also caught Bennett's cough. So he hasn't been feeling 100% a lot of the month. Even still, he's been a trouper and has continued to have a sweet disposition even though I know he's felt bad.
All About Wells: Wells is a sweet boy. He still does a lot of sleeping during the day but when he's awake he's a pretty content little guy. His brothers are obsessed with him and I know it won't be too long before he shares the same sentiments. Time is going fast with this sweet boy.

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