Friday, March 15, 2019

Pantry Organization

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen me share my pantry a few times. Each time I do I always get so many messages asking where I got my organization bins so today I thought I'd do a post on it and share links where I got everything.
I love having an organized pantry and in each house I've lived in I've made sure to keep my pantry organized. It doesn't matter whether you have a large or small pantry--if you organize it you will maximize your space and be able to store so much more stuff in there.
We have these built-ins in our pantry and I love them. When we were designing our house I didn't have a whole lot of input on the majority of it because I trusted Scott to just take care of it all! However, when it came to my pantry I had big opinions. Haha! It seems silly but the pantry was one of the things I was excited the most about and I wanted to make the most of the space. I mostly wanted the built-ins for the boys. I loved the idea of them being able to access their stuff easily and felt if they had their own drawers where they could grab stuff themselves it would help me out a lot. And it does! Plus they love it.
The bottom drawer is where we store all of their plates, bowls and cups. We have a lot of straw cups and they can easily get messy so I keep them all sorted in a bin to help them stay organized.
This middle drawer is the snack drawer. I have a love hate relationship with it. Some days the boys don't mess with it much and some days they can't stay out of here! I try to keep healthy options, like fruit, in here along with some of their favorite treats. I also try to purchase snacks that they can't open themselves and need my help with so they aren't going crazy with the snacking and I can keep tabs on it. I have everything organized using my favorite bins (I'll link them in the bottom of the post).
The top drawer is my drawer. My "drink drawer," This drawer is too high for the boys to be able to see into so we also hide the candy in here!
I use a combination of different sized bins, lazy susans and canned good organizers. I love having lazy susans in my pantry. I use them for spices, oils, and baking goods. I also have them in my bathroom. It really helps to make the most out of your space.
On the left size of my pantry I have bins that I don't want to see through. I keep these to store mail, the kids crafts/art that they make at school, Tupperware, and other miscellaneous (aka messy) items. I also love having that big basket on the floor to store my reusable shopping bags.
So there we go. My pantry organization. The pics aren't great because I was just snapping with my phone but it gives you an idea of how I organize my items. I'll link all of the supplies I use to keep everything as orderly as possible below! All of my clear Bins are the iDesign brand at Bed Bath and Beyond and there are soooo many different sizes/types so I won't link them all but you'll see them when you search or if you go into the store.

Clear Bins | Clear Lazy Susan | Large Lazy Susan 15" | Fabric Bins |

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