Tuesday, April 2, 2019


I have always dreamed of having a tulip tree so when we were discussing our landscaping when we moved into our house last year, having one was a top priority for me! I ended up with two of them in my front yard and they are just beginning to bloom. I'm in love!!
Life is starting to feel easier adjusting to our new normal. I have Wells on a predictable schedule now which helps significantly. His sleep is improving as well. He sleeps 8:00-7:00 with a middle of the night feed around 2:30ish. However, he does wake up a couple of times within that time frame. I simply pop a paci in his mouth and he goes back to sleep....and so do I....but I'm looking forward to him breaking that little habit sooner rather than later. I'm also looking forward to getting him in his own room but since he does wake up about 3-4 times a night, there's just no way I'm willing to walk to the opposite side of my house and up a flight of stairs to simply put a paci in his mouth. So he's staying in my closet until he's sleeping 8:00-7:00 with zero wake-ups. I predict he'll get there around 14 weeks. He'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow so not too much longer to go!

I'm still pumping!! As of yesterday I have almost 1500 ounces in my freezer. I've donated over 300 to other mommas to try to clear up some space but it didn't make much of a dent. Since I'm running out of freezer space I've been forced to cut out my mid-day pumping session. Instead of pumping 30 extra ounces a day I'm now getting around 23 ounces. Everyone asks me what I'm planning to do with all of this milk and to be perfectly honest, I don't know. I plan to continue to pump in the morning and at night for another month or so. I'm not burned out on it yet and I like the peace of mind of having all of that milk saved up in case of emergency. Scott tells me I have a problem....and not in a joking way!! I probably do, BUT if it gives me some peace then I say it's worth it. I give Wells 2-3 bottles a week just to make sure he's okay with taking one but I always prefer to nurse because it's just so much easier than prepping bottles. I honestly didn't think I would accumulate this much milk in such a short amount of time. But I'm so thankful because I prayed that I would and I'm so grateful that the Lord provided. This may seem silly but I also prayed that I would feel my letdown. I never, ever felt it when nursing Campbell and Bennett and I know that doesn't mean anything but I have always wondered what it felt like. And the Lord answered that prayer too. It was a simple prayer and not a big deal but considering I never felt my letdown the other times, and I prayed that I would this time, I think it's kind of neat that, that prayer was answered.

Wells hasn't been too hard on us except he does prefer to be held which can be a little exhausting. For the most part I don't really mind it too much and he will usually take one good two hour nap on his own so I can get a lot done then. But I won't be sad when this little phase is over with. I'm hoping by the time he's 4 months old he'll be a little more content sitting in his bouncy chair. I have definitely found that the more babies I have the more patient I get. Maybe I'm just used to coming last at this point. Or maybe I know how quickly the phases go by. Regardless, I'm thankful for more patience the older I get. It honestly makes life so much easier when you can just chill out and be patient with it.....whatever it may be. I wish I had learned that earlier in life. Better late than never though I guess!!

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