Monday, April 1, 2019

Keeping Up

Hey all! Whew, it's hard to keep up with my blog these days. I want to blog every day but most days just don't allow for it right now. Having a newborn keeps you busy!! Add two kids on top of it and it's a tiny bit overwhelming. The good news is my days are so busy, it feels like I blink and it's already time to start getting the kids ready for bed.
Everything around here is going good. Wells just completed his first wonder week. It was a doozy! The leaps affected Campbell, didn't do a thing to Bennett, and are apparently going to affect Wells! He was pretty fussy last week and required being held a lot but we made it and he was back to himself today. He is definitely not my easiest baby but I wouldn't consider him to be a difficult baby either. Just somewhere in the middle. He loooooves to be held. :)
I feel like I have a lot to share and just never enough time in my day to share it. I'm looking at the clock right now and all I can think about is how I need to wrap this up so I can pump (yep, still pumping!!) and go to bed. My mom will be here to help me out for a few days this week so hopefully I can get caught up on some blogging while she's here. Thanks for hanging in there with me. It seems like everyone is still checking in daily even though I'm struggling to keep up! It's just a season though....I tell myself that every day. xo!!

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