Thursday, April 11, 2019


I am currently VERY into shopping on Facebook B/S/T groups. I'm also very into selling stuff on them too. I've been on a few BST groups for a while but I never really shopped or sold much. However, I'm swimming in boy clothes and decided this past fall that I had to start clearing stuff out. As soon as Wells grows out of stuff I'm selling it. Or if there are things that Campbell and Bennett wore but Wells won't (he's off a tiny bit on seasons) I'm selling. It's been awesome because I'm able to sell and then use that money to purchase our new clothes for the season! At first I was super intimidated at the thought of selling but it is SO easy to do and I'm able to get quite a bit of my money back from my items.
I purchased this outfit Bennett is wearing off one of my favorite BST groups -- Snips & Snails Upscale Boys Resale. The clothes on this particular resale page can only be boutique brands and I find myself getting excited when I win (I call it winning, lol) an outfit!! Most of the clothes are brand new or gently used. Or sometimes people who own boutiques will purge items at a discount. I bought this precious Lullaby Set, used, and it's one of my favorite little outfits ever and I got it for such a good deal!
I recently scored a new with tags Johnnie-O button down for Campbell for $15. I've gotten a super hard to find smocked Toy Story shirt for Bennett (new, without tags) that I've been searching for over a year for, and some precious TBBC sunsuits for Wells. Most of the stuff is really discounted but some stuff is hard to find and it sells for almost double the original cost, even if it's been used! I've never splurged on those items but my fingers have been tempted several times to claim them!
My favorite Facebook BST groups are the Snips & Snails I mentioned above, Kickee Pants B/S/T, The Beaufort Bonnet Co. Resale, and Little English BST. I'm members of some others but those four are my favorites. They're terrible though because I find myself on Facebook way too much these days because I want to see everything that gets posted.
So if you're not a member of any of those groups and you're obsessed with classic children's clothing like I am, you need to get on them!! Apologies in advance for the addiction it will most likely cause you.

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