Friday, April 12, 2019

Favorite Postpartum Clothing Items

Let's talk about some of my favorite postpartum clothing items shall we? There have been a few things I have lived in and loved so I wanted to share.
First, are THESE leggings. They are so flattering (postpartum or not) and I have extra appreciated them during this postpartum period. They are high waisted and suck my tummy in but aren't uncomfortable at all. They seriously make me look like I have a super flat stomach which I have definitely appreciated!! Now that it's warmer I'm not really wearing pants/leggings anymore but if you're expecting a baby in the fall/winter just go ahead and get yourself a pair of these! Or even if you aren't expecting, get these leggings. They're fantastic.
After nursing 3 babies I think I've been through about a dozen different nursing bras. I'm always trying new ones. I have really loved the ones I have this time around. I had THESE when I was nursing Bennett and they were super comfy and I still wear them. However, I just wanted something new and pretty so I went on the hunt and found THIS pretty lace bra.
It's technically considered a sleeping bra but I wear it during the day. There are no clasps, you just pull it to the side which I have actually quite enjoyed. It comes in several different colors and I have really loved having this bra this time around. When I purchased this one I also bought THIS as well and I really love it too.
Finally, I've shared before how much I love THESE pajamas and they have been great for those middle of the night feedings. The fabric is stretchy and soft (like Kickee Pants!) and the V-neck makes them easy to nurse in. I just love these pajamas in general and refuse to sleep in anything but these because they're so comfy. Bonus that they're easy to nurse in!

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