Thursday, April 25, 2019

Party At My Crib

I moved Wells to his crib at the beginning of the week and it's been going great! I attempted it a few weeks ago and it was terrible and by 5 in the morning I ended up bringing him back into my closet. I've kept his bassinet in my closet since he was about 4 weeks old. It was perfect because he was close by me but far enough away for us to both have a little bit of space. Plus, babies can smell you so they don't sleep as well if they're right beside you.
I think they reason it didn't go well the first time I attempted the crib is because I was still trying to sleep train him by offering him a paci three times before feeding him, to ensure he was really hungry and/or to see if he would go back to sleep. It's no big deal to pop out of bed and walk to your closet to do that but going upstairs in the middle of the night several times was quite miserable and I decided it wasn't worth it. So I waited until he was sleeping better to move him to his crib.
He's still waking up in the middle of the night to eat but since he's sleeping until 4:00 now I don't really offer him his paci anymore, I just feed him right away. He did wake up one night this week at 1:00 and I gave him a paci and he slept for 3 more hours. I may attempt offering him a paci in another week or so if we aren't making any progress on our sleep but for now I'm fine with the 4:00 feeding. Wells is definitely going about sleep training different than my other boys did. Campbell and Bennett were both the exact same and began extending their sleep by one hour each week. Plus, they took a dreamfeed at 11:00 PM so they were already sleeping all night by this point. I have never, ever been able to get Wells to take a dreamfeed. So he's technically sleeping as many hours as Campbell and Bennett were, they're just the wrong set of hours! Bennett was sleeping 12 hours by 14 weeks and Campbell was doing it by 15 weeks. Wells turned 13 weeks yesterday so we'll see how these next two weeks go and if he'll be the same as his brothers.
Honestly, I don't really mind the feeding. I'm not too tired especially since he eats and is back to sleep within 10 minutes. Babies change so much week to week in these early weeks so I don't think he's going to be holding onto that feeding too much longer. He may extend his sleep by an hour each week or one night just randomly drop it all together and that be that. I would like for him to drop it this month, as I feel he should, but I don't feel like forcing him to do it because I'm a major softie on this little fella. He's going to be spoiled rotten. It's been an interesting experience this time around with sleep training. I have mommas reach out to be all the time about sleep training and since this time has been different than my other times, I feel like it's been a good learning experience. Campbell and Bennett were Babywise babies and Wells is a Moms On Call baby. Both books are excellent schedule and sleep training tools, and very similar to one another, with some slight differences. Campbell and Bennett naturally took to Babywise and Bennett leaned more towards MOC so I just took his lead and went that direction with him.
Anywho, I just wanted to do a little update on his sleep since I get asked about baby sleep a lot! This is where we are right now. He's right on track of where he should be, even if it looks a little different than his older brothers. We're in the home stretch! I'm ready when he is.

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