Friday, April 26, 2019

Taking Away The Paci

Big week in our house. We took Bennett's paci away on Wednesday. I had intentions of doing it this time last year so talk about procrastination. It got harder and harder for me to take away his paci because Bennett loves his paci SO much and the thought of taking it from him made me sad. But we've been telling him for a long time that they don't let you turn three and have a paci and since his birthday is less than two weeks away we thought this was a good time to do it.
Another reason I thought this was a good week to do it is because of the Farmers Almanac. Apparently there are better days to wean your babies/kids of things according to the Farmers Almanac. You can see the list of days HERE. Honestly, I have no idea if there is any truth to it or not but I figured I needed all the help I could get so why not do it on a day the Farmers Almanac says is a good day to do it!!
Another strategy we decided to use was the Paci Fairy. Someone on Instagram suggested telling Bennett that the Paci Fairy take his paci and leave him a present in exchange for it. I thought it was a great idea! So for a whole week we kept talking about how the Paci Fairy was coming to take his paci and give it to a new baby boy and she was going to leave Bennett a present as a thank you. Bennett wasn't on board with it. Ha!
The first night without his paci he did great. He cried for it as we were tucking him in bed but we told him we were leaving it for the Paci Fairy and he surprised us at how well he did without it. In the morning we had a big present waiting on him and he was so excited about it and literally played with it all day long so I think it distracted him from not having a paci. He did cry for his paci at nap time....for a long time....and I'm not even sure if he ever ended up falling asleep or not. But that night he didn't ask for it and hasn't since then!
He was pretty emotional and cried quite a bit that first day. He didn't cry for his paci, I think he was just adjusting to such a big change for him. He knew in his heart it was time and he had to do it....but that's a big deal for a little guy who has always had his paci so the big emotions were understandable and I tried to be patient even though the crying and whining was unnerving.
I was really worried he would just pop one of Wells' paci's in his mouth (since they both use the soothie paci's) but he hasn't! He knows which ones are Wells' because I bought Wells yellow soothie paci's and Bennett's were the typical green ones you always see. That way we would all know which paci belonged to which little boy :)
Overall I have been surprised at how well Bennett has done with such a big transition for him. His paci was in his mouth constantly and he LOVED his paci's so much. He has been such a big boy about it though and I'm so proud of him for taking it so well! I have always found that going cold turkey with big transitions is the quickest and easiest way to go about things and this was no different. Or maybe the Farmers Almanac is right about their weaning days. Ha!

Also, I love these 100 Acre Woods inspired shots I got of my Pooh loving boy so much! I took them in my backyard in less than 5 minutes and adore how they turned out!!

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