Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Strawberry Picking

We spent our morning picking strawberries and it was such a fun time! We do it every year and I always enjoy it but this was my favorite berry picking experience to date. Mostly because it was cloudy and breezy and usually it's hot! So the pleasant weather simply made for a more pleasant experience!
There are several berry farms here in Northwest Arkansas and we typically visit them all every summer. I love fresh berries and so do the boys! We got home and washed off our strawberries right away and I stood at my kitchen counter and probably ate ten of them! We came home with these two big cartons full of strawberries but I bet they don't last us long. There's nothing better than freshly picked strawberries!
I love a good mid-week activity I can do with my boys that's easy. Today was fun!

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