Thursday, May 9, 2019

Bennett Is Three!

Today is Bennett's third birthday. I'd like to say "I can't believe it" but three years with this crazy kid seems about right! Haha!! Bennett came into this world without making a peep and basically remained that way for the first year of his life. I used to look at him when he was a baby and think to myself "I bet this is exactly how baby Jesus acted when he was a baby" because that's how sweet and perfect he was. But he's made up for all that quiet these last two years by being loud, entertaining and so very amusing.
Bennett is currently very into puzzles. He does them several times a day and he is really good at them!! We got him a 100 piece puzzle for his birthday and it's challenging but with a tiny bit of help at my insistence to get him going ("no help me, okay. No help me") he can do it! He's knocking the 60 piece puzzles out of the park and I love that he's into puzzles.
Bennett has always loved toys. He definitely enjoys and takes advantage of his fun playroom. His favorite thing to play with is his play kitchen. He plays with it daily, especially his pretend ice cream. Sometimes I can't find or hear Bennett and I'll peek in the playroom and he's in there all by himself, quietly playing, and I always think it's the sweetest little scene.
Bennett also LOVES to dress up. He has all sorts of costumes and every day he'll come running up to me with one of them in his hand saying "will you help me with this." As soon as he gets it on, he immediately goes into character.
Bennett loves Campbell and since he could talk he's called him "Bampbell" but literally just in the last week he's started pronouncing Campbell's name correctly and it's totally breaking my heart. I will forever remember that he called him "Bampbell."
Bennett loves all things Disney. He doesn't care if it's Toy Story, Rapunzel, Winnie The Pooh or Moana. Bennett loves Disney movies and the music in them even more. I've created a Disney playlist on my phone and we sing to it every time we get in the car. Bennett sings loud, knows all the words and also changes pitch when he's supposed to which I personally find to be very impressive!
Oh how I love this little boy of mine. I never imagined I'd have a blondie and I love his golden head of hair and his big brown eyes. Bennett is an absolute mess and says something funny several times a day. He's so innocent and sweet, he talks to everyone, and he lives life to the fullest. He's been looking forward to May 9th for a long time. He spent his special day at school and had a birthday party with friends then tonight we took him to McDonalds for a Happy Meal and his first time to play at their Playplace. After McDonalds we took him to get ice cream--his favorite.
Happy 3rd Birthday Bennett! I adore everything about you and love you to the moon and back!!

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