Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mothers Day

Hey all! I hope you had a nice Mothers Day on Sunday. I spent my afternoon cleaning my garage. Ha! It probably sounds like a bad way to spend Mothers Day but I've been wanting to clean it out since before Wells was born and we just weren't able to get around to doing it. So it felt sooooo good and looks so good now too! Clean and tidy spaces make me happy so all is well. Before I cleaned Scott snapped a few pics of me with the boys and that made me happy too.
Sometimes I still can't believe I'm old enough to be a mom. It feels like I was in high school yesterday. And I sometimes still can't believe I'm a mom to three boys! Life is loud and sometimes exhausting but it's more fulfilling than it ever has been. I've landed my dream job and living the life I always longed for. When I was a young girl I used to dream about being a stay at home mom to my kids and even on my hardest days, I still know there's nothing else I'd rather do than to stay home with my babies. And as a Mothers Day gift to me, Wells has decided to start sleeping 12 straight hours the last few days! It hasn't been going on for a week yet, so we'll see if he stays consistent but I have a feeling he will. I was prepared to keep that middle of the night feeding for a couple of more weeks honestly. I baby him since he's my last and also since he was born a month early. But if he's ready to drop it then I guess it's time. It's bittersweet....mostly sweet because sleep. But babies don't keep and with every new milestone, I'm reminded that time can be a thief. I love seeing my boys grow though and being their momma is the absolute best!

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