Monday, May 6, 2019

Bennett's Balloon Birthday

We celebrated our Bennett on Saturday with a balloon birthday party! His 3rd birthday is this Thursday so over the weekend we threw him his (very anticipated) birthday party. When we asked him a couple of months ago what kind of birthday party he wanted to have, he said he wanted a balloon birthday party. We assured him we'd get him balloons for his birthday but what kind of cake did he want? Mickey Part Deux (since he's still as obsessed as he was last year), Toy Story....we threw out a lot of options but he kept saying "I want a balloon party." So balloon party it was! It's quite fitting since he's completely obsessed with balloons. I put my thinking cap on to try to come up with fun ideas for a balloon birthday party and Scott and I thought it would be fun to have someone come do balloon animals. We booked an insanely talented "balloon artist" for the party, I got Bennett a balloon cake and we filled the setting with a 35 foot balloon garland!
Bennett had the best day and Campbell did too. Campbell kept saying it was "the best day ever!" The balloon artist was crazy talented and created balloon designs for the kids that were so impressive and fun! The kids loved getting their balloon creations and I enjoyed seeing what everyone got! Bennett walked away with several balloon figures but since he's the birthday boy, I felt as though he deserved it! She even made me a flower bracelet!
I'm so glad Bennett came up with his balloon party idea! It ended up being so cute and perfect for our balloon obsessed boy! He was in actual heaven with all of the balloons. Bennett tried real hard to be cool while everyone was singing him happy birthday but you could tell he was holding back the biggest grin on his face. And since he sings happy birthday to himself weekly while playing with his Melissa and Doug birthday cake, he was a pro at blowing out those candles. 
I can't believe this crazy boy will be three years old on Thursday! He is the definition of a mess but he's our mess and we think he's pretty darn cute. We loved celebrating him this weekend and I'm pretty certain he had a really special day!

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