Friday, May 3, 2019

Nay Nine

Bennett loves to tell you his birthday is "nay nine" and in less than a week my little buddy will be turning three years old....on May 9th. We are celebrating him tomorrow with a party at our house. He wanted a "balloon party" so that's what we're having. The kid loves balloons more than anyone I've ever known so a balloon party seems fitting. I'm going to be spending the day attempting to make a balloon garland. I was going to have someone do it for me but they charged a pretty penny. So I decided I'd roll up my DIY sleeves and tackle it on my own. My expectations are low. But I've read a lot of tutorials and had a lot of people tell me they're actually quite easy to make so we shall see. I'll be so happy if I can get it to work and not look homemade. Bennett's day will be made if his mom can make him a balloon garland. If it's a bust I'll just go get a bunch of helium balloons and call it good and we'll pretend like I didn't waste hours of my time on a #PinterestFail
I keep having this feeling like I'm forgetting something really important for Bennett's party. It's that Mom Brain struggle. I guess as long as we have a cake and some candles my little buddy will be satisfied. He's so excited about his party. His actual birthday is next Thursday which is a school day. I asked him if he wants to go to school or spend a special day at home with Mommy. He picked staying home! So I've got to come up with something fun for me and my sweet middle to do together on his special day. I'm looking forward to spending time with just him. We rarely ever get time just the two of us.
I guess I better get to work on this balloon garland and all the other party planning things. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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