Thursday, May 2, 2019

Mom Brain

I have been realizing more and more lately that my brain is absolute mush. I cannot remember anything at all and it's beginning to make me feel embarrassed. My groomer texted me a few weeks ago and said "well you forgot to bring in Ivy and Madison for their appointment yesterday.....again." Fail. I usually tell people that I can't remember anything right now so they'll have to remind me if they ask me to do something. I even ask Campbell to help me remember things (he always does!). I think they call this horrible disease "mom brain." It happens every time I have a new baby and I'm not sure at what point it happens but it does eventually go away. I think it gets worse with each kid though, which makes sense! I had someone message me a few weeks ago saying they were going to be in town and would love to stop by for a visit and I literally had to put it in my calendar and set an alert for two hours before to remind me they were coming. It's terrible! I guess it's a combination of the lack of sleep and just the overwhelming job of caring for 3 small humans. Anything outside of my typical mom job will most likely result in a forgetful fail.
Sweet baby Wells had his chiropractor visit today. It's been two weeks since his last visit. I wanted to see if we could stretch it to two weeks instead of weekly. We cannot. About 3 days ago he started getting super wiggly and I could tell he had a tummy ache. He would fuss occasionally and have a little of that witching hour. He got adjusted today and it's just crazy what a difference it makes. When we left and were walking through the parking lot to the car, he tooted the entire way! LOL! Finally got all that gas out.
The week went by fast--it always does. I picked up Campbell from school today and his teacher was talking to me about his pre-school graduation and I just can't believe that it's May and school for my pre-schooler will be over in two weeks. What in the world? It feels like it should still be, how is it already May? And can someone please explain to me how I will have a kindergartner in a few months? I'm not ready for all the big changes.

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