Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Home Sweet Home From 30A

Hello all! I took a little vacation last week and with it came a little blogging break. I'm back home though and need to share some of my vacation photos on here!!
We spent all of last week in the 30A area. Our place specifically was on Seacrest beach which was a great location because we were so close to everything. Our favorite spot was Seaside and it was about a 5 minute drive from our cottage which was nice since we enjoyed going over there frequently while we were there.
This was our first time to the 30A area. Well, I have been myself a few times before. My family vacationed in Destin a few times and Seaside one year but I was younger so I don't remember a lot. I was actually surprised though because I did recognize some areas. Anywho, this was our first time as a family to the beach and we were excited because we knew the boys would love it--and they did.
We stayed at Magnolia Cottages By The Sea and I think our cottage may have been one of our favorite parts about the whole trip. Someone told me about these cottages a few years ago and I always said if we went to 30A that's where I would want to stay. They just looked so charming and the area in which they were located seemed great. It was about a 5 minute walk for us to the beach and they had their own private boardwalk that led right to it so it was easy. I would absolutely recommend these cottages. We chatted with someone on the beach who said they had been coming to Destin/30A for the last 15 years and always stayed somewhere different and the cottages had been their favorite place they had stayed at to date. Click HERE for the exact cottage we stayed in.
We ended up flying on Allegiant airlines because they have a direct flight and their prices are hard to beat. The flight was an hour and 20 minutes which was much better than the 13 hour drive we would have had to endure!! The first day we were there we just went to Target and the grocery store to stock up on items we would need for our trip. The rest of the week was spent on the beach!!
I'll share a little more later this week. I don't want to overload too much on one post!!

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