Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wells | 4 Months Old

Wells is celebrating his 4 month birthday at the beach!! He has been the best little travel buddy. He has been SO chill and go with the flow. The little nugget just gets sweeter, happier and easier with each passing week. Here's all about our little Wellsy at 4 months old!

Weight: Wish I knew! He has his 4 month appointment next week. I would guess around 10.5 pounds.

Height: I don't know this either but he seems really long to me. His legs and stride seem longer than his brothers. He's growing out of clothes because of length, especially his footie pajamas.
Sleep: Well. He was sleeping 12 hours consistently before we left for vacation. I knew that would happen. We'll get back into it once we get home and our routine is really consistent again so I'm not really concerned about it. I'm still swaddling him and I'm planning to drop that as soon as we get home too. He isn't trying to wiggle himself out of his swaddle yet which has surprised me. He likes being snug as a bug. But it's time to drop it.

Eat: Wells is on the same eating schedule as he was last month. He has taken a few bottles for me and each time he only wanted 4 ounces. When he nurses it takes him about 8 minutes to eat.
Clothes: This boy grew overnight it seems and his clothes suddenly didn't fit anymore! Wells wears all 0-3M clothes but I fear a lot of them won't last much longer! I will have to buy him all new summer 3-6M clothes before it's all said and done. I knew this would happen since the seasons don't quite line up with Campbell and Bennett. We aren't short of boy clothes in this house that's for sure but 3-6M summer clothes are non existent around here!! Wells has already moved into his size 3-6M Kickee Pants and he honestly doesn't look like he'll still be in them by the time he's 6 months old!!

Diapers: Just finished up all of our size 1 diapers today and moved into size 2!
Likes: His paci, being held, being swaddled, bath time, smiling.

Dislikes: Being tired.
Milestones: Wells coo's all the time. He puts his hands in his mouth and chews on them. He kicks his little legs constantly and can push up really good when laying on his tummy.

Month Four: Month four was a great month for our little Wells! He is just growing and changing so fast. He has the sweetest coo's and smiles every time you look at him. He wants to laugh so bad but can't quite figure it out yet. He took his very first vacation and loves the sound of ocean waves lulling him to sleep.
All About Wells: Oh my goodness what a sweetheart this baby boy is! He has decided to start competing for the 'easiest baby ever' title. Wells is my little sidekick and is just going with the flow these days. He still loves being held and will let you do it all day if you want, but he's realized he can't be held constantly and he's okay with that too. His precious smile lights up my world, his brothers continue to be completely obsessed with him, and he's got his daddy wrapped around his tiny little finger too. We love our baby Wells!

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