Friday, June 7, 2019

Summer Bucket List

Do you have a summer bucket list? I kind of do and also kind of don't. I like to do a lot of fun things in the summer to keep my boys entertained but nothing that I officially have to mark off. I was such a downer last summer because I was in my first trimester with Wells and SO sick and miserable. So we literally stayed home every day because I was too nauseous and too tired to muster up the energy to do anything. So I'm trying to make up for it this summer!!
One thing I really want to do this summer is take my boys to the movies a lot. There are SO many good movies coming out this summer. We've already seen Aladdin and loved it. And our entire family cannot wait for Toy Story 4. We may go the day it premieres, I dunno. I also love taking my boys to the Malco Summer Film Fest every week. It's only in select cities but they play old movies for just $2 every Tuesday and Wednesday. It's such a great and fun thing to do with my boys, especially when it starts to get super hot outside. The little kids snack packs are only $3 so it's a pretty cheap day of entertainment. The movie lineup this summer is way better than it was last summer. We saw Despicable Me Wednesday and it was great! I'm planning to go to every single movie they have this summer.

We got Campbell a bounce house for his birthday and it has been the greatest investment yet. The boys love it, it's super quick and easy to set up, and provides HOURS of entertainment. We put it up almost daily and they never grow tired of it. Scott and I are able to chill on our patio while the boys have fun in the bounce house--best of both worlds. We have THIS one and it's fantastic!

Something the boys have already enjoyed doing this summer is playing with water balloons and water guns. You can get those Bunch O Balloons that fill up all at once and self seal in 0.25 seconds and they're fantastic. We hook them up to our water spicket outside, place them in a big bucket, then let the boys have at it. They LOVE it and it's super easy.

Something we haven't done yet, but I'm all prepared for, is a scavenger hunt! You can get THESE scavenger hunt cards from Amazon to give you fun ideas. Just tape them to a small bag so they can easily place their finds in it, and send your kids on a hunt! I know my boys will love this activity.

I also love taking my boys berry picking in the summer. We usually pick strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. It can get hot so I try to pick a day when it's cloudy. The boys really enjoy it, I do as well, and we end up with tons of yummy fruit when it's all said and done. I usually end up freezing a lot of it, since we gather so much, and use it later for smoothies.

Other than swimming at the pool, playing in our driveway with chalk and bikes, and sitting on our back patio, we don't really have a whole lot else planned for the summer. So far the boys seem to be having a great summer and they're getting to an age where they're older and easier to take places. And sweet little Wells is always just along for the ride. Next summer with him may not be so easy!

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