Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Campbell Goes To Kindergarten

It's official. We have a kindergartner! Campbell had his very first day of school today. He woke up excited and ready to go. I woke up at 4:55 am and could not go back to sleep. I finally just got up and showered so I could have plenty of time to settle into my morning before our big day.
I made Campbell breakfast, Scott woke him up and carried him to our room, and Campbell watched Bubble Guppies in our bed while he ate his breakfast. He was happy and calm and happily obliged to any request we asked of him. Once he was all dressed and had a (semi) fully belly of breakfast, we took some photos then headed to school!
Our school is a brand new school and it just so happens to be walking distance from our house. So we walked to school today (and will be every day after my eyes saw that traffic--no thank you!). We made it from our house to Campbell's classroom in about 7 minutes. Once we got to Campbell's class, we found his seat --right by the teachers desk! Then we found his cubby and hung his backpack up, then he walked back to his seat and immediately started stacking blocks that were on his table.
All was well in Campbell's world until I told him Mommy and Daddy needed to leave. His face instantly changed to panic. I guess he thought it would be like our open house last week where we all went and stayed for a little bit, then left together. He started crying and Scott tried to talk me into walking out but I could. not. leave. I pointed out all of the friends in his class he knows, told him I had a surprise for him in his lunch box, but nothing helped the tears. So I just got on my knees, held him close and we prayed. We prayed for peace, to be brave, and to be happy. We prayed for a great day and a calm spirit. Then Scott gave him one last hug while Campbell cried in his arms. My heart was breaking. Campbell stood up to walk to me and his teacher gave him a big hug and told him about all the fun they were going to have while Scott and I snuck out.....and I cried for the next two hours.
I knew deep in my heart that Campbell would be okay. I knew he would cry when we dropped him off but I also knew he would recover quickly. I was still so anxious and counting down the hours until I could get to him. I was so ready to hear how his day went.
After we sat in the car line for ONE HOUR to pick him up (never doing that again) I finally saw his sweet little face walking towards me. He was wearing the biggest smile and his face has never looked so precious. He got in the car and declared he "really likes kindergarten!" He told me how much he likes his teacher and his friends even though he doesn't know their names yet. There is a little boy he sat next to at lunch that has the same lunch box as Campbell and the same backpack too! And that's about all I got out of him but the smile and happiness he exuded was enough for me to know that he had a great day! It's not even 8:00 PM but I'm about to crawl in bed and call it. This momma is exhausted and looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow! Minus the crying part....hopefully we don't repeat that.

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