Friday, August 30, 2019

Last Weekend of Summer

Our last weekend of summer is upon us and honestly, I'm glad. Some years I don't want summer to end but this year I'm looking forward to fall. Maybe because it has been SO hot and humid here and I am over it. Bennett is always asking me to go outside so he can ride his bike and I can think of nothing more miserable than standing in the driveway, in this intense heat, while he rides his bicycle.
We had a good summer! We kicked it off at the beach and spent a lot of time swimming. We did several movies and played outside a lot (before it got miserably hot). We grilled, played, and had fun! We're going to wrap up our summer with a lot of swimming and I'm looking forward to it.
I wanted to share a few of our beach photos that I don't think I've shared on here yet. Hope you all have a great, long weekend!!

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