Thursday, August 29, 2019


Whew. Y'all. This school business is no joke. Scott and I are exhausted!! And I think this is the running theme because every parent I talk to feels the same as I do. I honestly thought that since I was losing a kid during the day that my life would get a little easier but somehow it's busier than ever. How is it working out this way?? I'm so confused. I wake up at 5:45 am and hit the ground running. I literally go, go, go all day long. By 8:45 I am crawling in bed and I'm out cold a few minutes later. I have had zero opportunities to watch my favorite summer show, Big Brother. We always start it when we get in bed but I fall asleep. My mid-day slump used to come around 4:30 but now it's closer to 1:30. LOL.
I have always enjoyed a routine so in some ways I actually do love our new schedule. I'm dressed before 7:00 am which hasn't happened since never. I'm kind of loving that I'm an early to bed and early to rise person. I feel like such a grown up. However, I am SO looking forward to weekends now. I told Scott last Sunday that I needed to just sit and do nothing. And this weekend I'm hoping to sit all weekend and do nothing.
Thankfully Campbell has adjusted to the new routine so well. He is asleep by 7:30 and wakes up on his own around 6:30. He has a pep in his step when I pick him up from school and plays hard with Bennett until it's time for dinner/bath/bed. I had lunch with him at school yesterday and I enjoyed it so much. I loved seeing all of the kindergartners that I know and they were all so adorable and genuinely so excited to see me there. Everyone smiled so big and came up to me to say hi and we talked and talked. It was the sweetest. Campbell loved having me there but he cried when I left which was no surprise. We were both pretty certain it would happen but decided a few tears would be worth a fun lunch date.
I'm excited to go have lunch with him again soon. I just love that I can picture his day a little better now. I watched him playing on the playground before lunch. He couldn't see me and had no idea I was stalking him. I loved watching him play and seeing him at school. He looked happy and confident and it made me happy.
Labor Day Weekend is coming up at the perfect time because I am desperately in need of a long weekend. I'm literally doing nothing. Not one thing. And maybe I'll even get to sleep in if my internal clock will allow me the pleasure of doing so. Fingers crossed on that one.

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