Monday, August 26, 2019

National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day to my girls, Ivy and Madison!!
Our whole family loves our girls so much. Life is so much sweeter with these two. Ivy and Madison are 7 years old now but thankfully don't seem to be aging or slowing down. I actually have to take them to their yearly vet visit tomorrow and I'm praying for a healthy report, just like always.
The girls have to share their attention with a lot of people in our house but they sure have taken it in stride. They follow me everywhere I go. Madison has taken on the role of protective big sister over Wells. I guess Ivy told her she had her hands full already with Campbell and Bennett. Thankfully the girls get time all to themselves when the boys go to bed. They get in a lot of belly rubs and snuggles at night.
Words cannot express how much we love our girls. They are family. Not "like family" they ARE family. They aren't fur-babies, just our babies. And we are happy to spoil them rotten with love.

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