Friday, August 23, 2019

Wells | 7 Months Old

Seven months old and oh so cute! I adore this age. He's at that perfect stage. He doesn't cry when I leave the room and he's so happy being toted around or left on his playmat. He isn't mobile and getting into anything but he's playful and fun! We are in the sweet spot and I am here for it.
Weight: At his 6 month appointment he weighed 12 lbs, 8 oz. I would guess he's gained almost a pound since then.

Height: I never remember to measure and have no idea how to guess.
Sleep: Baby Wells is my best sleeper to date. And that says a lot because all of my boys have been fantastic sleepers but somehow Wells managed to beat them all for best sleeper title. Wells sleeps 12.5 hours at night and takes two 3ish hour naps a day. He has always been such an awesome napper and that combined with the extra half hour of nighttime sleep officially makes him the best sleeper of my bunch! Wells went from three naps to two thanks to our new kindergarten schedule but he's handled it so well. We also requested he move his bedtime back by 30 minutes to 7:30 so that in the morning I could get Campbell to school and back home before he woke up and needed to eat and he was like, "oh you need me to do that? Okay no problem! I will help you out effective immediately." This baby loves to sleep. However, don't even think about trying to get him to take an on-the-go nap. That is a negative not gonna happen not even gonna try. He needs his dark room, white noise, and his special corner in his crib (on his tummy) if he's going to sleep!!

Eat: Wells nurses 4-5 times a day and gets 1 bedtime bottle. He has started trying some food this month. Purees were kind of a mess and he couldn't figure out how to swallow unless he stuck his thumb in his mouth after each bite! HAHA!! So we tried some more solid food and he seems to like it much better. He loves puffs and cereal bars and peas. I gave him rice this week and he shivered and made a face like I stuck a lemon in his mouth! It's taken me three babies to finally "get it" when it comes to food and that babies don't need an official meal of purees or food at this age.We practice a few times a day with just a couple of bites of this or that so he can get the hang of chewing,  swallowing, tasting and trying different things. Wells favorite thing is his mommas milk and he's completely satisfied with his liquid diet!
Clothes: He really needs to be in all 3-6 month clothes but we don't have just a ton of them and I don't want to buy 3-6 month summer clothes this late into summer so we're making what we have work! He can actually still wear his 0-3 month clothes (most of them anyway) but he is wearing all 6-12 month pj's! They're big but his toes were at the edge of his 3-6 month pajamas so I switched him over last week to his brothers old kickees! I'm excited because as of 2 weeks ago he can finally wear his size 0 sun san sandals and his tiny little feet look so adorable in them!!

Diapers: Size 2 Honest
Likes: Bath time, being on his tummy, swinging, cereal bars, being outside, playing with toys, putting his feet in his mouth.

Dislikes: Honestly can't even think of anything. He's so chill and easy!!
Milestones: On Sunday Wells said "Mama!!" Not MamaMamaMama just a simple "Mama." I'm going to go ahead and pretend he was saying it specific to me (ha!) and he's continued to say it all week. Wells has really perfected sitting up. I don't feel comfortable sitting him up and walking away but I think we'll get there soon! He holds toys, follows everything with his eyes so closely, and rolls back and forth constantly.

Month Seven: We had a big month with the introduction to foods, dropping a nap, moving up a size in clothes and pj's and starting Mothers Day Out!
All About Wells: I know I say this every month but my goodness I can't get enough of this baby. Scott and I frequently comment how we are enjoying this baby stage and soaking him up while he's a baby. It goes by so fast and babies are so precious. It really is just the absolute sweetest time. Wells is so go with the flow and chill. He could not be a better baby and I adore him so, so much!! I highly recommend 3rd babies. So much clicks the 3rd time around and I feel like you're truly able to soak up every single second. So thankful and grateful for my 3rd baby boy!!

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