Friday, August 2, 2019

Summer Vibes

Coming up on my final week at home with this sweet boy. I can't believe it. We've taken advantage of our week with a lot of summer fun + late nights. Next week it's early bedtimes and early wake ups so we can get prepared and on a good schedule for KINDERGARTEN!! School starts at 7:30 (what?!) and since Campbell doesn't usually wake up until about 7:15, this may be a bit of an adjustment for us. We meet his teacher and classmates in less than a week and I'm so anxious for it. I pray he has a sweet teacher that he loves and makes so many new friends. And if someone was in his class that he already knows, I would consider that to be the greatest blessing ever just to help him ease into the newness of it all. I'm praying a lot about kindergarten these days and I know whatever the Lord's plan is for Campbell's year will be the best plan. Can't believe my baby boy is big enough for this. He's such a great kid and I know he's going to love school. But for now, our last little bit of summer fun!

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