Monday, August 5, 2019

Just Keep Swimming

We had a big weekend with our biggest boy. Campbell finally got the hang of swimming and now he's acting like he's been doing it all summer long!
Campbell and Bennett have been in swim lessons all summer. I've had a lot of guilt in not putting them in lessons last summer. I wanted to but I was SO sick all summer long from being in my first trimester with Wells and I just couldn't do it. I couldn't do anything. So I have been anxious to get them in lessons this summer. We haven't missed a lesson and have gone every single week. At first Campbell was terrified and he cried. For the longest time I was so worried I had waited too long to do this. Slowly he began to get more comfortable in the water but he's SO cautious and wouldn't push himself too far. I told Scott I was worried we weren't going to get it this summer and we talked about joining a local community center so we could keep up with the swim lessons. But then, something clicked for him while we were at my parents house over the weekend. It literally came out of nowhere but he suggested jumping in the pool and swimming across. My mom and I were both there in the pool with him so we said okay! And he swam across the pool like he had been doing it all along. I was shocked! And so proud!!! And also so relived.
Campbell was SO proud of himself. And that was that. He just kept going and going and pushing himself to go farther and farther. I ended up grabbing the GoPro and Campbell obliged me with some super cool underwater shots that I just LOVE. 
I'm so proud of Campbell for being brave and diving in, literally. Something I have learned with him is that he is very timid to try something but once he gets enough confidence to go for it, he always does great and puts his best foot forward. And that's all I could ever want from him--to just try his best. So proud of my little fishy!

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