Monday, September 30, 2019

Baby Boy Wardrobe

Baby clothes are one of my favorite things in this world. I absolutely adore them and possibly have an addiction to them. I love dressing my babies like babies while I have the chance. The opportunity to do it doesn't last long so I take full advantage. I'm definitely more traditional when it comes to baby clothes. I love classic childrens clothing and investing in keepsake pieces that will be handed down to my grandchildren. My Mom kept so many of my nice baby outfits and they literally look no different than something you would buy today! These are the pieces I have purchased for Wells this season. I adore them and can't wait for the weather to cool down so he can wear all of these sweet outfits. These are my favorite picks for baby boys this fall!
This bee collection from Little English is sweet as can...bee! The bubble is corduroy and the precious crochet sweater layers perfectly over it. As if that wasn't cute enough, the matching bee socks pull it all together to make one adorable outfit.

Shop the hunny bee collection HERE

I don't just save the traditional clothes for church, I enjoy them for every day as well (the more casual ones at least). I invest in these pieces and I want to wear them more than one day a week!! I have always sent my boys to Mothers Day Out in their sweet outfits and I tell the ladies watching them to not worry if they get stains because I've never met a stain I couldn't get out. These precious pieces are for every day use and a lot of it is mix and match. 

I love bubbles on a baby. These two are so precious and the cardigan can be layered over to keep them warm when the weather gets cooler. Pair with socks and a saddle oxford for a super sweet look! Tip: If you choose to monogram, consider doing just the first initial of your little one's first name or choose a pretty embroidery design vs a monogram. This way you can resale! It's hard selling an item with a full monogram. I love doing a monogram or embroidery when there's an opportunity but I loved these sweet bubbles as is and decided to leave them simple. I did put Wells monogram on the cardigan--his full monogram. I figure this is a piece I'll want to keep forever. Both of these pieces have sibling matches, boy and girl. All of my boys have these matching pieces and we may or may not be wearing them for family photos and/or holidays :)

I tend to go for one pieces for my babies and these are some of my favorites. I get these twin pack rompers every season and love them. The knit jacket is adorable but very oversized so be sure to size down. The smocked suit is "technically" a sleepsuit but the smocking plate and peter pan collar make it seem so nice that I forgo the sleepsuit title and wear as an outfit. It's perfect for keeping those little footsies warm on a super cold day. I had one of these when Wells was an infant and it was my go-to outfit. I loved it and will keep it forever. The sweet bonnet is soooo cute and pairs well with all of these outfits!

This Little English bubble is even cuter in person and so versatile. We're wearing it now with sun sans and when it cools down I'll simply throw over a cardigan and these adorable football socks! Whenever the Razorbacks win a game we're going to wear this to church the next day. Ha! Kidding....sort of. 

Again, a big fan of one pieces are these are too cute for words. The yellow stripe is a velour material and so soft. It has a little owl on it which I think is adorable for fall! The plaid is so cute with that little shawl collar and perfect for the holidays! It would make a great outfit for family photos. The grey stripe is so darling with the sweet little embroidered dog on it. Although I am a sucker for a puppy on little boy always lures me in. 

Wrapping it up with my favorite shoes for babies. Freshly Picked have been my go-to's for all of my boys. They go on so easily and stay on. We wear them all the way up until 2-3 years old. A lot of people ask me about the soft sole + walkers and I say go for it! Especially if your baby is a new walker. The soft sole allows them to grip their toes as if they're barefoot so they have an easier time walking. I especially love their oxfords because I feel like they work better with more traditional clothing. These two colors/styles are my favorites and I have one in every size. Whenever we get dressed in our Sunday best our go-to's are a classic saddle oxford for a perfectly proper look!  


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