Friday, September 27, 2019

Toddler Boy Wardrobe

Bennett is (almost) 3.5 and his wardrobe this year will be a little bit of a mix of big boy and sweet toddler outfits. I'm big on appliques at this age so you'll be seeing a lot of that in my picks for Bennett's fall wardrobe! Here are my top choices I've gotten for Bennett so far.

Little English is one of my favorite boutique brands. They have the cutest applique shirts and I love snatching up a few every spring and fall. I got these for Bennett this year and they are all so adorable. I think these are perfect for Bennett's age and I can't wait for the weather to cool off so he can wear them.
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One of my very favorite outfits Bennett wore last year were turtlenecks + suspenders. He looked so adorable and I loved it so much I had to do a repeat of it this year. Full disclosure, I do not own these particular trousers/suspenders. I got mine last year at Gymboree. I literally loved the look on Bennett so much that I went back to the store to stock up on some for next year (which is now this year!) but I searched the web and these look the most similar to what we have. 

Similarly to Campbell, I struggle to find pants that fit Bennett right. I like a slimmer cut and more tailored look. He is finally able to wear the jeans that I love for Campbell (they start at a size 3) and I am so glad because this will be the first year that we'll have jeans that look right on Bennett. He isn't as skinny as Campbell is (50th percentile in height and weight) but I still have a hard time finding pants for him. Like I said about Campbell's jeans, these are truly the best jeans I have ever found, whether your little boy is super skinny like Campbell or more average sized like Bennett. Bennett loves to be like Campbell so I snagged a pair of these same joggers I got for Campbell but in a different color. I love them and I know Bennett will be so cozy in them! I purchased several joggers/athleisure pants for Campbell and Bennett and these are the only ones I kept. The others were just way too baggy and sloppy looking so I swiftly returned them. These joggers were just right!

When it comes to church clothes, Bennett is in that inbetween stage where I don't really want to put him in one pieces but I'm also not quite ready for the full on big boy look either. I feel like this is the perfect middle road for him. These pants are so darling and even though they aren't as trim fitting as I normally do, they still have a very nice tailored look to them. These are the polos that I love so much because of how soft they are. They look adorable and polished tucked into these pants and the grey sweater with a white button down underneath will be perfect for those extra cold Sunday mornings. 

Both of my boys had this fleece vest last year and I loved it! We threw it over nearly everything. I couldn't resist this sweater with the buttons on the front. Such beautiful colors and patterns for fall! The navy shirt is one of the basic tees I mentioned earlier that I love because of how soft they are. I got this to pair with the joggers above. A textured applique shirt is my favorite and a dog in a beanie is too cute to pass up. Finally, I don't know about you guys but I used to struggle with socks until I found these. The fit is nice and they're so cute, you won't mind if the pant rides up and the sock gets to show itself off. We've gotten two seasons out of them before having to move up to the next size. Bennett can now wear Mini Boden and Baby Boden but the sizes run differently. In Mini Boden shirts I get him a size 2/3 and size 3 pants. In Baby Boden I get him size 3/4 shirts and size 2/3 pants. 

Bennett's absolute favorite shoes are his Hunters. He wants to wear them every day. His current color is yellow (I let my boys pick out their own colors) and I was worried we wouldn't have much to wear with them but they somehow seem to go with everything. I still love putting him in a little oxford for his dressier clothes and the suede bootie has been one of my favorite shoes we've ever had. Bennett started wearing them once he could walk and they literally seem to go with everything.

Finally, our favorite outerwear. I always get the same coats for Bennett and Campbell year after year. For several years I struggled to find coats that I felt actually kept my kids warm. Sure, they were cute but I didn't feel like they were doing their job. Once I discovered these I've just repeated them every year. They are cute, cozy, and really warm. The wool coat is ADORABLE and the lining is always so cute. We are usually able to get two years use out of it. The hoodie is always my boys favorite. It's perfect for when it's getting a little chilly but not crazy cold yet and the inside is SOOO soft and cozy.

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