Thursday, September 26, 2019

Big Boy Fall Wardrobe

I've been wanting to work on a post on my boys 2019 fall wardrobe for quite some time now. Posts like these are very time consuming and take me about 3-4 hours to do so I appreciate you guys going through it!!
Since fall is upon us, I've been spending more time than I'd like to admit doing some shopping for my boys. I do the majority of my shopping for them online. I absolutely love dressing my boys. It seriously brings me joy. I'm going to do a three part series on where I shop for Campbell, Bennett and Wells. I'll start with Campbell and work my way down. Everything will be linked so lets get shopping!
Bottoms can be hard to find if your little boy is as skinny as Campbell. I like a more tailored look on him vs a relaxed fit. I searched for years to find pants that were skinny in the waist, long in length, and not baggy. A few years ago I finally landed on the perfect pants and I've never looked back. I order them year after year and Campbell always looks nice and pulled together. On our more casual days, I love joggers for him to be cozy in. They're the perfect athleisure look as they're a little more tailored but plenty long in length and skinny in the waist--a must for my super skinny dude. Also, I love cords in the cold months and these are my favorites! They come in several colors. All pants run TTS. The chinos are TTS or if between sizes, size down.

As Campbell has gotten older I have loved putting him in a nice polo for every day wear. Pima cotton has become a favorite of both of ours and it's spoiled us because I hardly want to order a polo now unless it's pima! These polos are my favorite and Campbell wears the short sleeve ones to school several times a week right now. I stock up on basically every color. Shop them HERE.
I love a quarter zip on a little boy and these are my favorites. They are a nice, slim fit and look extra sharp with a button down underneath. These look really nice paired with the chinos I linked above and makes for a great church outfit. I ordered both of these for Campbell to wear this fall. Also throwing in a few more tops I got for Campbell this year. I love this brand and that hoodie is SO. GOOD. It's not thick like hoodies tend to be. It's a thinner fabric with 5% spandix so it's very soft with a tiny bit of a stretch to it. One of my favorite purchases for Campbell so far. It's what he's wearing in the photo above.

Basic tees are important for everyone to have in their wardrobe and these are my favorites. They're very simple but what stands them apart from your typical basic tee is that these are extra soft. We get several every year and they hold up so well with wash and wear.

Layering always looks adorable and vests are my go-to in the fall. Puffer or fleece, they all look cute. I tend to go a little more neutral so we can get a lot of wear. I typically layer these with a basic tee (above) and jeans. 

Campbell is only five and of course he loves to have fun with his wardrobe! He is super into dinosaurs so we had to find some cool dino shirts for him to wear this year. The soccer tee looks super cute paired with the soccer joggers I linked above.

We dress our kids up a little more for church than most kids but I like to. Campbell always wears a button down with chinos. Sometimes we throw on a quarter zip or sweater over it. He always looks handsome wearing his Sunday best. It may be cheesy but I do love to coordinate my boys for church and these looks have coordinating sibling outfits (boy or girl) to go with!
Plaid Button Down | Check Button Down | Twill Pants | Mallard Belt | Red Sweater | Khaki Sweater | Plaid Pants | Plaid Button Down | Navy Cords | Vehicle Belt | Navy 1/4 Zip | Check Button Down

As far as shoes go, we pretty much wear the same ones every year. These boots have been my go-to for my boys year after year. They're warm, comfy and go with basically everything. I also like for Campbell to have some good sneakers and New Balances are my favorites. We get a few different colors every year. Finally, we always have our correct size in Hunters. Not just for rainy days but cold ones as well. These are without question both Campbell and Bennett's favorite shoes and we wear them more than you would imagine! Side note: I haven't found a church/dressy shoe that I like for Campbell yet. As soon as I do I'll be sure to share!

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