Monday, September 23, 2019

Wells | 8 Months Old

Inching closer to a year and each month just goes by quicker and quicker. I'm starting to think about his first birthday party now and getting sentimental about him not being zero anymore (as the boys like to say!). One thing is for sure, I will never look back and wish I had soaked up this time more. I am here and present and absorbing this sweet stage while I'm in it. Life with 8 month old baby Wells is good!
Weight: I'm guessing around 14.5 pounds

Height: Tall enough that his feet are hanging off his car seat now :)
Sleep: Sweet baby boy. He sleeps hard for about 13 hours at night because he isn't getting the naptime sleep he needs anymore. Our fall activities have kicked into high gear and unfortunately for baby Wells, he is away from home more than he's at home. Therefore no proper naps. He still won't nap on the go which is so unfortunate for a 3rd baby who gets carted everywhere. Wells naps twice a day and when he's home his naps are about 2.5 hours long each. Gotta say, for a baby who isn't getting as much sleep during the day as he needs, he's still such a sweet, go with the flow little nugget. His little eyes look tired often though, bless him.

Eat: I'm still exclusively nursing about 5 times a day. Wells has really taken off with his finger foods and his pincher grasp is on point. Go baby Wells! His favorite foods are oranges, peanut butter sandwiches, cinnamon bread, muffins, peas, yogurt and his beloved cereal bars. I always give him dinner and sometimes lunch--it just depends on how busy we are. Wells is clearly my 3rd child because I have already let him have a bite of a chocolate chip cookie and he immediately let me know chocolate chip cookies are life!!!
Clothes: We have about 8 outfits that fit us and are on repeat. Come on fall! Wells is in size 6 months clothes but can still squeeze in some generous 0-3 month outfits. He wears size 6-12 pj's and size 0 sun sans.

Diapers: I thought we were ready to move up to our size 3 diapers but I was wrong! After going through one pack of them and experiencing several leaks, I had a new Honest bundle shipped out today so we can go back to size 2 for a few weeks!!
Likes: Food, milk, toys, the exersaucer, being held, his brothers, being outside, baths, his nighttime bottle.

Dislikes: Being put in his high chair then waiting on food. Being left in the exersaucer for too long!
Milestones: Baby Wells cut two teeth this month! He has the cutest pair of bottom teeth that we get to see a lot since he smiles so big all the time! Wells has mastered sitting up and today I caught him up on all fours! He still says mama all the time and he can play with toys so much better now that he can sit up.

Month Eight: This is my favorite baby stage. It's so nice when babies can sit up on their own and play with toys. Wells smiles all the time and is easy to please.
All About Wells: Sweet baby. We all love him so much. He is such an easy little angel. We are busy all but two days a week and he always takes it in stride. I hate that he isn't able to get the naps that he needs but I appreciate his ability to adapt and go with the flow. I wish he would learn to be an on the go napper. I did take my UPPAbaby Vista bassinet attachment to Campbells baseball game on Saturday and Wells napped in it like a champ! He was able to sleep on his tummy with his white noise and a dark blanket draped over the bassinet. I was so happy he got his nap in--I'm convinced he can't nap on the go because he has to sleep on his tummy. I may be taking that bassinet on the go with me more often!


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