Thursday, September 12, 2019

What's New

Hi! Is anyone even still there? Ha! I am falling so behind here and I wish that wasn't the case but I'm coming up short for spare time in my life these days. I have so many things I want to blog about and hopefully this weekend I can play catchup and write some good stuff.
First let me play catchup on here for a minute...
Last Saturday Campbell had his first baseball game! He has had a few practices these last few weeks and he is loving it. We did soccer in the spring but he seems to be enjoying baseball so much more. Scott and I have been in sticker shock over all this gear we've had to buy for 5 year old baseball. We make ourselves feel better about it by telling ourselves we have two more boys that will get to use this so thankfully we'll never have to buy it again. I just don't find a whole lot of pleasure out of swiping my credit card at Academy. I'd rather use it elsewhere. But I have so enjoyed watching Campbell play baseball and even though all that gear has cost us a small fortune, he does look super cute in it.
My sweet blondie is struggling with Campbell being in kindergarten. He still doesn't understand why Campbell gets to go and he doesn't. It's so unfair in his little mind. I hate it that he thinks we're favoring Campbell over him and letting Campbell do fun things and not him. It's really breaking mine and Scott's hearts. We're both doing our best to give Bennett extra attention and make his time at home alone really fun. He misses his brother and I have a feeling he will be beyond happy and ready when his time for kindergarten comes.
As for me, I'm still waking up every morning at 5:45 to get my Peloton ride in. I hit my 50th ride on Sunday. I did a live class and got a shout out from my favorite instructor acknowledging my 50th ride! This is what excites me these days. Ha! I post about the Peloton a lot on my Instagram stories therefore I get a lot of questions about it. I'll try to get a post going on here about it all but I am so obsessed and have seen so much change in my body. I'm so much stronger that I was before I started. It's honestly been life changing. I don't just ride the bike, I also take their strengthening classes as well. I love it all.  Since I am waking up so early, I'm also going to bed super early. By the time I get all three boys in bed, I'm pretty much ready for bed myself. It's so worth it though. I love my new little routine and I hope it sticks forever!

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