Thursday, October 3, 2019

Fall Snack

I make "fall snack" every year. Campbell dubbed it "fall snack" when he was two and thus the tradition began. I love making this for my kids. It's fun and gives me that warm fuzzy fall feeling!! This is hands down their favorite snack. They just love a good trail mix! I do it differently every year and every year I share on here my mixes of choice. This years fall snack got rave reviews and was declared the best one yet. I made this one a more Halloween mix and figured next month I can go with a little more of an autumn feeling.
-Candy Corn Shaped Marshmallows
-Teddy Grams
-Halloween Pretzels
-Muddy Buddies
-Halloween M&M's
-Spider rings for fun (and the kids favorite part)

Here's a little tip so you don't have to buy giant bags of each item (unless you want to). I buy those $1 snack size cups of the cereal, goldfish and teddy grams. You know the ones I'm talking about, right? I just wanted to make a smaller batch so it would stay fresh so I bought the smallest bags of everything I could find. Although maybe I should have gone with the big ones because this didn't even last 24 hours. 
I got my super adorable Halloween bowl HERE. I ordered it a few years ago and I guess I should get a new one to include Baby Wells! These bowls are sooooo cute and they ship super fast! This site has a ton of personalized goodies and they're all very reasonably priced.
Hope you enjoy Fall Snack!

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