Monday, October 7, 2019

Trunk Club

Earlier in the year I decided to give StitchFix a try. I liked the idea of it and thought it would be fun. I got my first box in and really liked what they picked for me. I ended up keeping a few items and one of the cardigans they sent has been one of my most worn pieces this year. However, after a few boxes I began to get a little uninterested. They kept sending me brands that I wasn't familiar with and had never even heard of. The style of clothing they sent me felt very basic (and not in a good way) and I decided to cancel my subscription.
I loved the concept of a stylist picking out clothes and mailing them to me so I decided to check out Trunk Club. Trunk Club is the Nordstrom version of StitchFix but one hundred million times better. I. Am. Obsessed.
Everything is from Nordstrom and you have your own Nordstrom stylist. Unlike with StitchFix where I didn't know who was picking out what for me, I have my very own stylist at Trunk Club. Her name is Leigh and we chat on the Trunk Club app frequently. We had a long get-to-know you chat right away. I filled out a little questionnaire about my style/lifestyle/sizes, etc then she dug a little deeper to get a better idea of my personal style. I sent her my Pinterest boards so she could see what looks I've pinned as fashion inspiration and sent a photo of me as well so she could get an idea of who she was styling.
I got my first trunk and I was floored. Every single item was FABULOUS. Leigh didn't just send me clothes, she sent me handbags, sunglasses, and several pairs of shoes amd jewelry. I literally struggled to not keep it all. I sent back my returns and anxiously awaited for my next trunk to arrive. My second trunk, again, was amazing and every trunk since has been as well. Leigh has sent me items I never would have chosen myself including, but not limited to, my new favorite jeans and some amazing sneakers I can't wait to wear this fall. Another awesome bonus is that I don't have to wait for a trunk to come around. If I'm looking for a particular item, I'll send her a message and ask her to go shop for me! I was on the hunt for some casual black shoes and she sent me 6 pairs to choose a little cardigan she thought I might love, which I did--I had actually already purchased it from the Nordstrom sell a few weeks prior!! I kept one pair of shoes that ended up being exactly what I was looking for then she scheduled a UPS pickup to take everything back for me.
So here's how it works: they give you a stylist, you chat so they can get to know you, then they put together a trunk for you to preview. You get images and links to the items and can check yes or no if you want those items included in your trunk. There are also a few items thrown in that you don't get a preview of beforehand...kind of like a little fashion surprise! If you click no on any items, your stylist will replace it with something else (which you won't see before the trunk ships) then your trunk is shipped and arrives to you in a few short days. They give you about a week to decide on what you want to keep or return then you print off a free shipping label and your stylist schedules a UPS pick-up for you. All you do is set the trunk on your porch and you're done. It's so fantastic!!!
My trunks have included everything from Tory Burch totes and Ray Ban's to bras and no show socks. I have been so, so pleased and I get really excited for every trunk! I love that everything is from Nordstrom because I'm familiar with Nordstrom brands and sizing. I also love that they send a big box (hence the name Trunk Club) full of clothes, shoes and accessories vs just a couple of tops, a dress, and a pair of earrings like StitchFix did.
I had my trunk running every month but I loved it all and it was almost like a form of torture to be a responsible adult and not keep everything so I had to switch my trunks to every other month. My next trunk is scheduled for this time next month and Leigh and I have already been chatting about what items I'm interested in her including!

If you are interested in trying out Trunk Club, you can click HERE to get in touch with my stylist, Leigh, and she can get you started! You will seriously love it and now that the seasons are changing it's the perfect time to try it. Leigh picked out this top that I'm wearing in these photos and I love it!! If you aren't interested in the trunk but want to shop the top, you can shop it HERE. My jeans were a Nordstrom Sale pick (and only $68!) and you can find them HERE.

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