Thursday, October 17, 2019

Halloween Treats

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to share these fun, delicious treats with you today. My kids love baking and helping me cook and I enjoy letting them do it (when I'm in the right mood for it!). These festive treats are a great activity to do with your kids and bonus--you get to indulge in a delicious sweet when it's over. Click the link under the photo for the recipe.

I've shared Pretzel Hugs on here before. They're one of my favorite treats to make. They're super quick and easy to do and great for parties. My kids can easily help me make these and they love to do it. The great thing about Pretzel Hugs is you can easily theme them for any holiday or celebration. These Halloween ones are so fun! Bennett just saw this picture and declared "I want to make these!!" so it looks like we'll be making these later today. Honestly, can't wait! So fun!

Turn your leftover Halloween candy into brownies! So adorable and fun! Perfect for kids and adults!! Bennett and Campbell are having Halloween parties at school, I'm thinking Bennett's preschool class would love these treats for their party. I may have to make them for him and his little friends!

If brownies aren't your thing, stick your leftover Halloween candy into a pie! I've done this many times after Halloween in order to use up all of that candy. Now that my kids are older they are getting good at this trick-or-treating business and their candy buckets are now over-flowing with goodies--too many goodies. Using their candy for brownies or a pie is a good solution to make the candy go away quicker!!

Brownie S'mores with a Halloween twist. How cute! I haven't made this recipe yet but I pinned it years ago and I'm thinking it's time. My boys would love this treat and it sounds delicious. It's a little more time consuming than the other recipes but it would be a perfect thing to do on a cold, rainy October day. 

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