Friday, October 18, 2019

Costume Fun

Bennett got a Spiderman costume for Christmas last year and thus began his deep, deep love for costumes. I'm not exaggerating when I say he dresses up in costumes every single day and our costume collection is quickly growing. He has a lot of cool costumes but his very favorite is his Spiderman. He isn't even a fan of Spiderman but he loves the costume. Since he loves it so much I decided I needed to get a photo of him in it so I will always remember his love for his Spiderman costume.
Earlier this week I was feeling inspired and thought it would be fun to get some photos and attempt to photoshop them a little bit. I never use photoshop, like ever. I edit all of my photos in Lightroom and only use photoshop when absolutely necessary. Photoshop is very time consuming for me. We got a family photo this summer at the beach that someone kindly took for us. The photo was great but there were so many people in the background. Since it was our only family photo from our trip I was willing to spend the hours (yes, hours!) to photoshop the people out. The final product was beautiful but it took me foreverrrrr to cut the people out then recreate the ocean waves, sky and beach, blend it all together, and make it look natural. You can see that family photo HERE if you so desire. All that to say--I don't use photoshop because it takes me so long to do it BUT photoshop can produce some super cool stuff and when I have the time to play around with it, I enjoy it. When Campbell saw what we were doing he wanted in on the action and thus we got some super fun photos!
I'm all caught up with my work (super busy right now with fall family photos) and I'm going to enjoy my free time for the next 15.5 hours (I have a sunrise session tomorrow morning). My littlest is napping and my bigs are watching Masha and the Bear (they love that show!) so I'm going to play around in photoshop some more to see if I can come up with some cool ideas for our Halloween costume photos! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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