Saturday, November 23, 2019

Wells | 10 Months Old

Weight: At his 9 month appointment he weighed 16.5 pounds so I'd guess he's at least 17 pounds by now! I think he might end up weighing more at his first birthday than his two older brothers. We'll see!!

Height: 28 inches tall!
Sleep: Wellsy loves his sleep! But only if done correctly which is in his crib, on his tummy, with his thumb in his mouth. Wells sleeps 7:00-7:00/7:30. He takes two naps around 8:30/9:00 and 2:00/2:30. He naps for about 2 hours, sometimes a little longer.

Eat: We call Wells the Muffin Man because he LOVES muffins!! He really doesn't discriminate against any carb actually. Wells loves chicken. He eats it for dinner most nights. He also loves peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, goldfish yogurt, applesauce and cheerios. Wells is still exclusively breastfed. I nurse him 4-5 times a day and he gets a bottle before bed. Wells first morning feeding and mid morning feeding is really good but I feel like the rest of them he just snacks. I'd be surprised if he was taking more than 2oz during the afternoon feedings which is exactly how my other two boys were at this age. I'm considering incorporating a second bottle into his day since I have plenty of milk in my freezer--I need to use it up!!
Clothes: Wearing all size 6-12M clothes and pj's!

Diapers: Size 3 Honest.
Likes: Muffins, his pop up train toy, stacking & nesting blocks (he can't stack and nest them of course, but he enjoys playing with those particular kind of blocks!) his mini piano and crawl around car, MDO, being held, sucking his thumb.

Dislikes: Drop off at the church nursery on Sundays, getting buckled into the car.
Milestones: Wells can go from a crawling/laying position to sitting up on his own. He can crawl backwards but hasn't mastered going forward yet. Wells somehow manages to get around all over the place even though he isn't crawling forward yet! He has clapped his hands a few times and got another tooth. He gives me (and just me!) hugs and it melts. my. heart. He is seeming like such a big boy these days. He's learning and growing so fast!

Month Ten: Whew, not even going to sugar coat it, Wells was hard this month! This month was a very long "wonder week" and he also go sick for several days. Wells was basically only happy if he was being held. Scott and I would take turns passing him back and forth. I was quite thankful for my MDO days so I could have a break!! Thankfully the wonder week (month) has passed and Wells is back to his delightful self as of a few days ago and no longer requires being held all day long. Wells also had a fever virus for a few days. His fever was hovering around 103 and it would only come down for a short while before shooting back up. We were constantly giving him medicine to keep the fever down. He didn't sleep very good for those few nights and my heart felt so bad for my baby boy.
All About Wells: Wells is a little arm flapper. He flaps his arms for everything! Wells loves to eat but he isn't as obsessed about it as he was last month. The newness has worn off I guess! He loves his big brothers and his puppy sisters too. Now that it's colder out, I'm reminded that Wells is the most cold natured person ever. He was like that the first few months he was born but warm weather came around and it went away. Now the coldness is back! Wells smiles so big if he sees a Mickey character toy and he enjoys sitting still and watching Mickey for a short little bit. I can't believe our little man is in the double digits now. Where has this year gone? Fastest 10 months of my life and starting to plan his first birthday party in my head. Crazy. We love our baby Wells!

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