Thursday, December 5, 2019

Christmas Treats

The holidays are for baking! At least I think so. It seems like there's always an excuse to bake a sweet, holiday themed treat during the month of December. We love making sweet treats for Santa and desserts for all of our holiday parties. I never seem to mind going the extra mile during the holidays.....maybe I'm a little jollier, who knows! These are all so fun and cute and not complicated. The kids enjoy these delicious treats and I do too! Today I thought I'd share my favorites!

These are so adorable and pretty easy to make. You can get creative with what all you want to use to make the snowmen but you get the idea. So fun!
To be honest I could not get mine to look like this. Making them look like actual snowmen was too hard for me. I ended up just throwing christmasy sprinkles all over them and called it a day. These are SO delicious

So easy to make and the kids love them! I didn't mess with the peppermint stick but if you're feeling ambitious go for it!
LOVE this popcorn. We make it every year. It makes a lot so if you want to make treats for teachers, neighbors, co-workers or friends, this is a great option!
I made these for Scott and I for our first Christmas as a married couple. This was in ye olden days before good ol' Pinterest. I must have seen it in a magazine, who knows. These are cute, easy and peanut butter cookies with chocolate is always delicious!

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