Friday, December 6, 2019

Christmas Gift Guide Ages 0-6

My gift guides were super popular last year so I'm back at it this year with some ideas for your kiddos!! These are some of our favorite gifts and/or gifts I'm getting my own kids this year. Let's go ahead and get started!! Everything is linked with Amazon.

Playhouse Tent - We're getting this for our boys this year and I'm really excited about it! They are currently super into blanket forts and pillow forts. They like to build them then camp out underneath so I figured a pop up tent would be perfect. I did a lot of research because there are so many to choose from and I landed on this particular one. It easily pops out and stores in a small bag. I think they're going to love it! Also, this looks like a "big" gift and it's only $15. Score.

Camping Lantern - You really can't have a camp out without lanterns so I found these to go along with our tent! It's plastic and battery powered. These aren't technically "kid" lanterns but all of the kids ones I found were teeny tiny. These are the perfect size and weight and I know my boys are going to have so much fun with them! Plus, if our power ever goes out, these will come in super handy!

Les Papoum Pop-Up - Little Wells has all the toys he needs but I wanted to get him a toy to go with his new pajamas and yogurt melts that he's getting for Christmas. Ha!! This sweet toy is so adorable and looks so fun! I think he'll get a kick out of it!

Fisher Price Crawl Around Car - I think I shared this last year but this is literally the best toy we've ever owned so it's worth it to share again. Campbell got this for his first Christmas and every single one of my boys have LOVED this toy and play with it for several years.

Mickey Ride On Train - We got this for Bennett for Christmas when he was 18 months old and it was the number one toy in our family that year! Even 3.5 year old Campbell loved it. You can put it on the tracks or it can go without them. The train goes soooo slow but the kids don't seem to mind it one bit.

Classic Wooden Blocks - The most simple toy ever but all of my boys love playing with plain ol' wooden blocks. I think every child needs blocks so they can use their imagination to do all sorts of things with them!

Sticky Mosaics - Campbell got one of these for his birthday and he loved it. I loved it too! Toys that are crafty and one and done are the best, especially when you're overloaded on toys and don't need anymore piling up. There are several different designs for boys and girls.

Toy Story 4 Puzzle - Our house loves puzzles and Ravensburger puzzles are my favorite.

Disney Bath Toy Set - I am always game for new bath toys. They need to be traded out often. We love these Disney bath toy sets. They don't squirt so water can't get in them and make them gross. We have Mickey and pals, Toy Story, and Pooh. We use them for the bath and take them to the pool too!

Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Counter - The paci fairy brought this to Bennett this year and it is a hit!! Both of my boys play with this toy daily. It's so adorable and great for imaginative play!

Light Stax - My boys love these light up blocks. They're the same size as Duplos and you can create so many different things out of them. These are constantly being played with at my house.

Janod MagnetiBook - I had to throw in an educational toy! Campbell loves learning now that he's in school and he is anxious to know how to read and write alllll the words. This toy is fantastic for practicing so many skills and perfect for ages 3+.

Crayola Vintage Color Tin - My boys love to color and they're always searching for something creative to put all of their colors in and tote them around from room to room. This vintage crayon tin is perfect! My boys love little boxes to store treasures in so I'm sure it will be used for much more than just crayons.

Disney Encyclopedia of Characters - We received this as a gift and it's such a great book! We are big Disney fans around here and this book has fun facts, trivia and quotes from all your favorite characters. If you're going to Disney this is a great book to give to your kids so they can brush up on their character knowledge!!

Pet Vet Toy - We've had this toy for several years and it continues to be a favorite in our house.

Spinagain Toy - Six vibrant discs that spin down a corkscrew pole and is fascinating for those little ones to watch! Bennett got this for his first birthday and Wells loves playing with it now!

Kinetic Sand - It's really not too messy and it provides hours of entertainment for my kids. This kit comes with castle molds and 10 different colors which is a dream come true for my Bennett!!

Where's Waldo - We got this for Campbell for Christmas last year and he has loved his Where's Waldo books! Some pages can be a little tricky, making it extra fun!!

Moulin Roty Play Doctor Kit - This is the most adorable doctor kit. This brand of toys is so precious and would even make for cute decoration in your room or playroom!!

Janod Stacking and Nesting Blocks - Three out of three of my kids have been obsessed with stacking and nesting blocks. Someone gave us some stacking and nesting blocks when Campbell was about 10 months old. I never would have purchased them on my own simply because I would not have thought he would be entertained by them. Wrong. We have several now because they're such a popular toy in our house but these Janod ones are some of my favorites! If you stack them correctly, it makes a cool scene. My kids are between the ages of 10 months and just shy of 6 and they all three play with these.

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