Monday, December 9, 2019

My Home For The Holidays

I love seeing homes decorated for Christmas. It's so cozy and magical! My home doesn't really look any different this year than it did last year but I still wanted to take photos of it and share on here for my memories.
We got all new Christmas decorations last year for our first Christmas in our new house. We needed a bigger tree and I was ready for an update. I really loved how it all looked so I didn't feel the need to change anything. The only thing different this year is our extra stocking!
I don't do a whole lot in my kitchen. I always get poinsettias because I love them! I sprinkle a little bit of Christmas here and there throughout my kitchen but otherwise I leave it pretty simple.
One thing I did last year that I absolutely loved was I got fresh garland from my local nursery. I drape it across my mantel and it is so simple but looks so beautiful! It's also a really cheap way to decorate since they only charge $2 a foot. I wish there were other places for me to put fresh garland in my house because if there were I'd put it everywhere!!
I enjoy Christmas decorations so much! I find it quite delightful to sit in my living room in the morning (the buffalo plaid chair on the right is "my" chair) and drink my coffee, watch Good Morning America, and enjoy my surroundings. It makes me feel very merry!!
It feels like this Christmas season is going by too quickly. We got off to a late start with Thanksgiving being so late and I can't believe Christmas is just a little over two weeks away!! I'm squeezing in all the Christmas movies I can and trying to soak it all up! It will come and go before I know it.

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