Monday, December 23, 2019

Wells | 11 Months Old

Such a cliché mom moment but how are we here? How is my baby almost a whole year old and why did this year fly by so fast? I remember this day one year ago like it was YESTERDAY. We took Campbell and Bennett to ride the Christmas train in town but first we stopped at McDonalds to get a coffee and then took my 32 week bump photos. I came home and played (edited) with some photos I had taken of the boys on the train then we had a nice Christmas dinner that evening. One year later and that baby in my belly I was so anxious to meet is a busy, busy boy--exploring everything, everywhere and making me smile so big every time I look at his precious face. I LOVE this angel baby and I am so thankful to have another amazing little boy around my Christmas tree this year.
Weight: He went to the doctor 10 days ago for his first ear infection. He weighed in at 17 lbs and 9oz which puts him on the charts at 8%!

Height: Almost too tall for his Beaufort Bonnet 6-12 month pj's.
Sleep: Wells sleeps from 7:00-7:00 and takes two naps a day. He has extended his morning wake time so his first nap isn't until 9:00-9:30 now and his second nap happens after we get home from picking Campbell up from school, which is around 2:45-3:00.

Eat: Wells loves protein! He will eat pretty much anything you put on his tray. He is still our muffin man, blueberries and oranges are his favorite fruit, and he loves baby goldfish! I'm still exclusively breastfeeding 4 times a day and Wells gets two bottles a day now. One small one for his afternoon snack and one before bed. Sometimes I'm not sure what Wells loves more, nursing or his bottle!!
Clothes: Size 6-12 month clothes and pajamas.

Diapers: Size 3 honest

Likes: Food, milk, exploring, his brothers, being held, splashing in the bath, playing with the central vacc.

Dislikes: Being cold
Milestones: So many fun milestones this month! Wells crawls now and he is a man on the move!! He is super speedy and never stays still. He started crawling the day before Thanksgiving and it's just about the cutest thing. The crawling stage is my FAVORITE! Wells can also clap now, which again, is the cutest thing ever. He gets real proud of himself and claps when he does something and he also claps when he likes what he's eating!

Month Eleven: This was a cute month with the clapping and the crawling. I love watching Wells move and explore. He is full speed now and goes everywhere. Wells met Santa this month and he thought he was an interesting character. He made me work for these 11 month photos. I tried for just a few minutes and gave up. This little man would flip around and crawl away from me one second after I got my camera in focus. I was literally sweating when it was all said and done, LOL.
All About Wells: I often hear people comment on how chill Wells is and he most definitely can be (I think you have to be when you're the 3rd kid) but he can have some high maintenance vibes about him too!! He most definitely likes to be held a lot--always has--and that can sometimes wear me out! Now that he can crawl and explore he's a little more content but when he decides he's ready to be held, you better hold him! As soon as you do, he sticks his thumb in his mouth and he's all good. Wells babbles all the time and is expanding his babbling vocabulary beyond mama, dada and baba. He will coo, gaga and ahh and he's getting quite loud at it!! Wellsy has a lot to say--so much so that if it's quiet, I start to get concerned!! Campbell and Wells play THE cutest game where Campbell will look at him and say "ah!" to him and Wells smiles SOOOO big and says "ah!" right back. They do it over and over and my heart can hardly handle it.

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