Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve

We're doing Christmas a little different this year so we opened presents early! Santa is still coming tomorrow, but we let the boys go ahead and open their presents from us. We filled their buckets full by giving them exactly what they wanted. For Campbell that would be dinosaurs and for Bennett it's superhero costumes.
We kept it a little more lowkey this year with the presents. Last year we went all out, and it was fun, but it was too much. This year we got the boys three toys each--two dinosaurs for Campbell and a dinosaur puzzle. And two superhero costumes for Bennett and Maui's hook (Moana) + one book each, and a cool cookie that you could paint! They loved their Christmas and the amount they received was just right.
And of course we didn't leave out sweet baby Wells! While he already has everything and more thanks to his older brothers old toys, he still got some fun presents too! Two books and two toys. He thought the wrapping paper was the most fun though.
We opened presents and spent the whole day playing with them. The boys kept saying thank you and how did we know that's exactly what they wanted??!! And they had such a fun time painting their cookie. I ordered it from someone local and it was seriously the neatest thing!!! And yes, they were able to eat their cookie once they finished painting it.
This Christmas is going to be different than what we've done in the past but we are all looking forward to it! So Christmas came a little early in the Johnson house but Santa still has to visit so the fun isn't over yet! A lot more fun to come!!
I told the boys to grab their favorite presents so I could get a photo. Campbell grabbed the biggest dinosaur he received and Bennett grabbed all of his costumes. Wellsy loves his new cell phone!
It was a really MARVELous and DINOmite Christmas for our boys this year! (see what I did there?)  More magical Christmas fun is still to come though!

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