Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 | A Year in Review

What a special year for our family! 2019 is known as the year of Baby Wells!! We welcomed him at the beginning of the year so he has made this year extra special for our family. Aside from his arrival, our family had several exciting, monumental and fun moments this year. Here's my annual, year in review.
January-- The month our sweet Wells decided to meet us. His due date was February 20th. I went into labor with him 36 weeks to the day. I always had a feeling he would be a January baby but he arrived about 5-6 days earlier than I thought he would. He was a perfectly healthy, tiny little peanut. We stayed at the hospital for a few extra days because they wanted to run extra tests on him before we got to go home. Once we were home, Campbell and Bennett couldn't stop loving on him--which continues to remain the case today.
February was all about learning our new normal with three kiddos (and two puppies) to care for! Wells eased into our family so sweetly and his two brothers adored him. I spent the majority of my February holding my new sweet baby, almost 24 hours a day. :)
March was full of fun things! Campbell and Bennett started soccer. It was so fun watching them and Campbell seemed to enjoy it! Ivy and Madison turned 7 years old and at the end of March, Campbell turned five!! We celebrated his dinosaur themed birthday at the bowling alley. I think I will forever look back on that day as one of the most tired days of my entire life. I hardly remember his party and felt like I didn't do much for it--I will make it up to him for his 6th birthday party!
April brought us out of our winter hibernation and gave us some much needed sunshine! We spent a lot of time outside, celebrated Easter with our families, and picked strawberries! The paci fairy paid Bennett a visit and took his paci away which was a big deal for him but he handled it like a champ.
May is always a fun month in our family! We celebrate a lot of birthdays!! Bennett turned three and had a "balloon" party at our house which he loved so much! Scott and I turned a year older as well and we celebrated our birthdays at the beach in Florida. The boys loved playing in the sand and had an absolute blast. Baby Wells was the perfect travel companion! We made it back home in time to celebrate Memorial Day with a chill, quiet time at home, recovering from our vacation.
June was full of swimming, playing outside, and more swimming. I got the boys in swim lessons which they didn't care for at first but warmed up to them as the summer went along. We went to see the greatly anticipated Toy Story 4 and we all loved it!
July was filled soaking up our last month of summer before big changes in our house!! We took Campbell to a dinosaur exhibit and he was in dino heaven!! Wellsy turned 1/2 a year old, and I discovered Peloton which has been life changing and so much fun.
August brought big changes in our family. Campbell started kindergarten!! The first week was rough but he quickly changed his mind and decided he loves it. Our little Bennett started pre-school and our baby Wells goes to Mothers Day Out twice a week! They both truly enjoy being there. Campbell finally let go of his fear of swimming and turned himself into a little fish and we went to yet another dinosaur exhibit this month.
September was spent at the ball field every weekend! Campbell started baseball and loved it!! We all did! We enjoyed the beautiful weather, adjusted to our new normal with school back in session, Wells cut two teeth, and my busy season with photography kicked off.
October is always a fun month! The leaves change, the weather cools and life feels good. We went to pumpkin patches, we decorated pumpkins, and we did a lot of trick or treating events. Bennett got to wear his beloved costumes in public several times, we spent our Saturdays at the ball field and we made a lot of fun memories.
November was busy!! It seems like all I did was spend my days taking and editing photos, which I am very thankful for! It didn't leave a whole lot of room for fun things but we ended the month on a chill note by doing nothing over Thanksgiving--which was perfect.
December was magical! Besides the beauty of Christmas, we ended our year at Disney World! We arrived on Christmas Eve and had such a memorable Christmas! It was the perfect way to round out a really special year!!

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