Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! I can't believe it's the start of a new year and decade. It's crazy when you think how far life has brought you in a decade and also in just a year. 2019 was good to us and I'm prayerful that 2020 will be as well!
I have been absent for the last few days because we just got back from Disney World!! We spent our Christmas at Disney and it was so, so magical!!
Scott and I decided in May that we wanted to spend our Christmas at Disney. The boys have too many toys and getting them more felt so wasteful. We thought what better way to spend Christmas than at our favorite place, forgo the toys (Santa still visited though!) and make memories instead. It was fantastic!! We called our parents and told them our plan and invited them to tag along if they wanted. My parents decided to join us and we started booking everything in June! We planned and planned and made sure we had all of our T's crossed and our I's dotted. We knew that we were choosing to go to Disney at the busiest time of the year so we wanted to make sure we had everything seamlessly planned so we would get to do everything we wanted without fighting the crowds.
We arrived on Christmas Eve a little before noon, checked into our hotel, then headed straight for Magic Kingdom! It. Was. Packed. At first I was worried we had made a mistake. We were waiting for 30-45 minutes in our fast pass line. I was overwhelmed but prepared for it in my mind to be like that so I wasn't quite surprised. By the next day the crowds had died down quite a bit and each day after they just continued to get smaller and smaller. By our last day at the park, we were hopping right onto rides (in the morning) without even waiting or having a fast pass.
It was so fun going with my parents. One night they stayed back with the kids and Scott and I went to Magic Kingdom alone. We watched the fireworks then road a bunch of rides with zero wait since we stayed until close to midnight! We took advantage of not having our kids with us by doing Splash Mountain and it was so much fun! We got wet but we loved it!! It was so fun going to Magic Kingdom just the two of us and we told my parents to go do the same the next night, which they did, and they loved it too!
I have so many photos and so much to talk about I honestly don't even know where to begin. We love Disney so much and had the greatest time there! I have gotten so many requests to blog about all things Disney which I planned to do anyway. We've been twice now (Well Scott and I have technically been 3 times but we were younger our first time and don't remember it very well) once in May of 2018 and then Christmas. Even though I've only been twice, I have obtained a crazy amount of Disney knowledge. I researched the mess out of Disney before our first, if I had studied a subject that hard in school I would have graduated at the very tip top of the class. LOL. I knew that the secret to going to Disney was to be very prepared so I wanted to make sure we were. I didn't have a Disney agent help me so I was all on my own, learning everything I needed to know. Our first vacation was pretty great and I thought I did a good job planning, especially since I had never been before. This time, since we were going at such a busy time and we had a larger group with us, I wanted some help from a Disney agent. Together we collaborated and we ended up with a fantastic Disney vacation.
I'm going to spend all of next week talking all things Disney. Where to stay, where to eat, what fast passes you should book, even where you can find the cutest Disney clothes for you kids! I'm going to break everything down and hopefully it will help those of you who are planning or wanting to go to Disney. Disney is magical and our very favorite place to vacation. It's the perfect trip for our family right now, in this season of life. As the kids get older we'll definitely branch out and try new places but for now, Disney is the perfect vacation destination for us. So we plan on going over and over and over and I have a feeling we'll never grow tired of it! It really is the happiest place on earth!!

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