Thursday, January 2, 2020

Christmas at Disney

I wanted to share a little about our Christmas for my memories. I know I'm a bit behind on a recap since Christmas was last year and all but today was my first day that I have felt caught up on life! So I'm finally getting the chance to sit down and blog about it.
After the boys woke up and saw the gifts Santa had brought for them, we quickly got dressed then headed to Magic Kingdom to spend our Christmas day there! We missed our first FastPass because we just didn't leave our hotel in time. I was bummed but it was just Jungle Cruise so I wasn't too terribly worried about it. We got to have SIX FastPasses (more on how we did that next week) so we had plenty of opportunities to hop on rides and have fun. We started our morning eating breakfast at Crystal Palace with the friends in Hundred Acre Woods, then got on the Winnie The Pooh ride as soon as we were finished eating! This is one of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom....I adore Winnie the Pooh, always have!
After Pooh we had some extra time before our next FastPass so we decided to get on the carousel. I love the carousel and Wells had a great time getting to ride on his very own horse!
Our next FastPass was for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which is one of the most popular rides at Magic Kingdom. It's considered a thrill ride with small drops but you only have to be 38" to ride it. However, Bennett wanted nothing to do with is so Scott and I took turns taking Campbell twice. He absolutely LOVED it and it was one of mine and Scotts favorite parts of our day--seeing how much Campbell loved it. Mine Train is one of the few rides that has a height restriction. Wells was able to ride nearly every ride with us at Disney and he seemed very intrigued by them all!
After Mine Train we headed back to Fantasyland to do the Little Mermaid ride then my parents took Wells back to the hotel so he could get in a good nap. After they left, Scott and I took the boys on a small rollercoaster called The Barnstormer. It's Goofy themed and after Bennett watched the ride for a bit, he decided he would be brave enough to try it. He did awesome and we were so proud of him! Since we knocked those FastPasses out fairly quickly, we decided to wonder around. We road the Magic Carpets, bumped into a friend, and crazy enough decided to skip our last FastPass so we could get back to the hotel and get ready for our Christmas dinner at a delicious restaurant on the Boardwalk called Flying Fish. Of course we couldn't leave the park without getting the boys a balloon which I'm convinced is one of their favorite parts about Disney.
Christmas at Disney was so much fun! It was really crowded and I am so thankful we had so many FastPasses, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten to do much. Scott and I wondered before we went if this would be something we would want to do every year. We are so glad we did it because it was an amazing experience but I don't think we'll do it again. We knew it would be really crowded at Christmas and made the decision to go anyway but it was really crowded. There was no way we could do rides without a FastPass, minus the carousel which was still about a 20 minute wait (it's normally no longer than a 5 minute wait). Seeing Disney decorated at Christmas was unreal. The decorations were incredibly beautiful and I'm so happy I got to see them and say we spent Disney at Christmas one year! But would I recommend doing it? Probably not with young children. We may totally consider it again in 10 years though! Regardless of the crowds, it was a pretty magical Christmas and Christmas 2019 is one I will absolutely remember forever!!!

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