Friday, January 3, 2020

Our Playroom

Several months ago I took photos of our playroom with the intention to blog about it and I have kept forgetting to do it!! I'm glad I'm finally getting around to this. Ha!
Our playroom was maybe the most important room for me when we were designing and building our house. I spend so. much. time. in the playroom and I needed it to be just right. I knew for a long time that we were going to build a house before we even got close to starting the process. I would spend tons of time on Pinterest looking at playrooms for inspiration. I was so excited for the time to come for us to actually design the space. I had all of my ideas, that I had been thinking about for over a year, and was looking forward to executing them!
One of the things I was most excited about were the build-ins. I knew I wanted built-ins but I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted them to look like. Scott's cabinet designer came up with this idea and I loved it! The boys have the window seat between the cubbies and there are big drawers underneath and cabinets on the sides. The boys don't actually use the window seat much but Madison LOVES it. You can almost always find her sitting there!!
Another must for me was having a pull-out sofa for guests. It has come in so handy and it's actually quite comfortable. All of the furniture we have in here is from Bassett except for the kids table which is from Pottery Barn. 
I loved the idea of a vintage feel for the decor. We actually had the circus prints already in storage but we had never used them. I went to the flea market to find accessories and I really love the way it all came together!
The boys love their space and I do too! We tried to thoughtfully plan out every detail and it has all worked out perfectly for us. The play table is constantly being used. We often all eat lunch in the playroom and even Scott and I can sit at the table and eat too. The closet stores all of our toys so they're kept up and out of the way.
I love everything that our designer at Bassett chose for our decor. She thought the playroom should be colorful and I agree! I tend to shy away from color but I'm so glad we went for bright colors and big patterns. The ottoman holds storage which is great but the main reason we chose it was for safety. This room is comfortable for everyone and serves its purpose well!

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