Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Wells One Year Portraits

Somehow the year flew by at lightening speed and tomorrow my baby boy wakes up a one year old. I held him a little longer tonight and kissed him a few extra times. I can remember this day a year ago like it was yesterday. I took the boys to the dentist and then to Chuck - E - Cheese later that night. I knew it was our last outing as a family of four. I had been having contractions for nearly 48 hours and I was pretty certain I was in the early stages of labor. Looking back, it was SO OBVIOUS that I was in labor. I can remember exactly how sore my abdomen felt from the literally non stop, all day long contractions. They weren't getting closer together, just consistently the same, but so strong and really exhausting. I knew. I knew he was going to be coming the next day. And when it was confirmed that he was, indeed coming, it somehow still took me by surprise.
A year later and I watched my baby in awe today and soaked him up a little extra. Knowing that a year ago he wasn't here but I was so anxious to meet him, hold him and see what he would look like gave me pause to reflect. Now here he is, all over the place, exploring, babbling, smiling at me, asking me to hold much changes in just a single year. And he's just as precious as I knew he would be.

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