Thursday, January 23, 2020

Wells | Twelve Months Old

One Year Old! My last time to do one of these. I've done them for all of my babies. I took these photos of Wells yesterday and I'm impressed I even got one! The second I laid him down and got my camera out, he was off to the shutters to close them! LOL. I've enjoyed doing these monthly updates of all of my babies during their first year. They're fun to look back on and help me remember so much more than if I wouldn't have done them. For the last time, here is my sweet Wellsy's monthly update!
Weight: 19 lbs

Height: 27 inches

Sleep: 7:00-7:00 + two naps a day at 9:00 and 2:00 for about 1.5-2 hours. Just like his brothers, Wells has been an amazing and perfect little sleeper! He sleeps when he's supposed to sleep and looks super cute doing it too. On his tummy, booty in the air, feet tucked under him, thumb in mouth. Wells loves his sleep!!
Eat: I am still exclusively breastfeeding Wells. He nurses 3 times a day and gets two bottles a day. I started giving him one bottle before bed every night around 6 months of age. I haven't pumped since the beginning of May but I still have enough milk to last until the end of March (two bottles a day). This was my goal all along, to have enough milk to get us until the end of March. From day one, I committed to pumping three times a day for at least three months. I saved over 2,000 ounces of milk and donated over 300. It may have seemed silly, given that I'm a stay at home mom and exclusively nurse. However, I'm SO glad I had the determination and discipline to do it! Wells loves his bottles almost as much as nursing and I know he'll be sad the day it's all gone. I'm planning to continue nursing and giving him bottles through March. Once I run out of my freezer supply, I'll begin the weaning process. Besides all of this milk Wells has gotten his first year, he also loves to eat food! His favorites are chicken, applesauce, fruits, muffins, peanut butter sandwiches, goldfish and cheerios.

Clothes: Size 6-12M Gap and Boden. Size 9 month in boutique brands. Size 3 oxfords and size 2 Freshly Picked Shoes. Size 6-12M Kickee's and 12-18M TBBC pajamas.
Diapers: Size 3 Honest

Likes: The Mickey Mouse Mix-Up and Hot Dog songs. Banging on his piano, playing with the train table. Eating. Exploring every inch of the house. Swinging. Being held.

Dislikes: Getting his nose wiped. Waiting for his bottle to warm up.
Milestones: Wells sits up on his knees and sometimes puts a foot under him like he wants to pull up and stand. He can stand with support but he's too busy to crawl to want to stand still for long. He got four teeth on the top this month bringing his total number to seven! More than double what either of his brothers had on their first birthday.

Month Twelve: Speed. That's the word of the month. Wells is speedy and can get somewhere lightening fast. I cannot keep up with this busy boy anymore! He is literally here one second and gone the next. He is into everything and explores with such curiosity. This month Wells got to go to Disney World for the first time!!! He truly enjoyed the magic and has proven to be such a trooper of a traveler this year!!
All About Wells: Oh Wellsy, you are the greatest joy! I have tears in my eyes typing this because I cannot believe you are ONE. This year has been full of sweet memories because of you. You are the sweetest baby--we get told how sweet you are all the time. You are super chill but you make it known when you need to be held--which is often! If you hear a Mickey song on TV you stop what you're doing and crawl to see it. It isn't hard to get a smile or a giggle out of you. You have the tiniest little roll on your upper thigh and it's so scrumptious. You are the busiest little boy in our house and I cannot keep up with you anymore!! You cannot even imagine how quickly this year went by for me. I adore every single ounce of you and appreciate every bit of sweetness that comes with you. You light up our family and completed us so perfectly. Happy Birthday Wells Andrew! We cannot wait to celebrate you for the rest of the week!

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