Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Books A Million

We spent our day off from school yesterday at Barnes and Noble. My boys love going there and I do too. I've been using Barnes and Noble as a source of entertainment since Campbell was about 10 months old. It's a great place to take kids when you need to get out of the house! It's peaceful and fun. I'm of the belief that you can never, ever have too many books so if my kids see one they want, I will pretty much always say yes. We have so many children's books in our house but we read them and love them! Campbell started getting really into Little Golden books when he was the age Bennett is now and now Bennett is beginning to get really into them as well. It's fun because Campbell favors the classic Little Golden Books. Like, the ones our parents read when they were kids! He loves the Little Red Hen especially. Bennett, on the other hand, wants all of the Marvel superhero books. They both have very different interests and always have. This leads to a lot of different kinds of books in our house!
Wells loves to read too! He loves touch and feel books and sits very still while I read to him. One type of book that we never really had much of for Campbell or Bennett (believe it or not!) when they were babies are the Disney Baby books. Wells gets SO excited when I read him a Mickey book. He grins soooo big when I pull one out and he spies Mickey on the cover!! So we've been growing our Disney Baby book collection for Wells!
Now that Campbell is learning to read, we picked out a couple of emerging reader books for him yesterday. He gets kind of frustrated with some of it when he struggles to sound out a word. But he's also super proud of himself when he can read a whole sentence on his own. So now we're working on a whole new collection of books--the kind Campbell can read by himself!
It's truly books galore in our house! I love it though and I'm glad my boys love reading. I've been reading them a book before bed every night since they were babies. I have guilt if we are running late to get into bed and I don't have time to read them a book because it really is one of my favorite parts of my day with them. I hope they will always remember that (almost) every night before bed we read a book or two. And I hope it instills for them a love of reading that they will forever carry with them!

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