Thursday, February 13, 2020


It is all about the Valentine parties in our house right now. Bennett had his today and Campbell's is tomorrow. I normally order our Valentine cards from Minted. They are super, super cute and Minted ships SO fast. I actually order all of our cards from Minted. Birthday invitations, Christmas cards....I love their quality and I love how quickly I get them. Something I love about Minted valentine cards is that there is an option to purchase stickers to go with the cards. It's $10 for 25 stickers. I don't put them on the Valentine cards though. I save the stickers and use them as gift tags. I also always go through all of the Valentine stickers and try to find Christmas-y ones and I use them as gift tags for the boys Christmas presents every year. So while I order Valentines, I also order "Christmas" gift tags. They're super cute and fun and it makes my life just a little bit easier every holiday season while wrapping presents. I can just slap a sticker on the present that says who it's for and go on my merry little way. Minted makes actual Christmas gift tags but they're more expensive than the Valentine stickers so I feel like this is a better deal. I just thought I'd share one of my little hacks!
Click HERE to view the Valentine stickers from Minted if you're wanting to do the same as me!
I had a lot of time on my hands while I was in the hospital with Campbell so while he was napping one day, I decided I better get moving on Valentines for the boys. There was no question what they would want: Dinosaurs for Campbell and Superheros for Bennett. I  searched on amazon for Dinosaur and Superhero party favors. I landed on these slap bracelets for Bennett and I absolutely LOVE how his cute little Valentines turned out!! He kept the Captain America slap bracelet for himself--his favorite superhero of the moment.
He passed them out to all of his little friends today. I hope they like them! I think Bennett was excited to give them to everyone!!
I never got a good photo of Campbell's Valentines but he is giving dinosaur fossils with his Valentine cards. He very diligently wrote all of his friends names on each card. His party is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it! I'm getting there early to decorate his classroom and I'm hoping my vision of what I planned for decorations works out! They only give you 30 minutes to decorate before the party starts and that 30 minutes goes by really fast. I remember always loving Valentine parties at school when I was growing up. I loved decorating my Valentine box and getting all of the cards from my friends. Tomorrow should be a fun day for the kiddos!

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