Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Activities For Your Kids During Quarantine

A lot of people are having to juggle the extremely difficult job of working home while also trying to manage their kids. This is hard. Or maybe you're a stay at home mom but you need something to occupy these kids so you can have a mental break. Either way, I've got you. Here are some of my favorite things for my kids to do so I can have a minute. Linking everything with Amazon Prime!!

Kinetic Sand -- Kinetic Sand is so great. It honestly isn't very messy--way less messy than Play-Doh. There are so many different kinds of kinetic sand kits and they entertain my kids for soooooo long. I actually find playing with it to be quite therapeutic for me as well. You may want to consider buying extra sand because at the end of the day you'll be vacuuming several pieces of it off the floor and before you know it there won't be much left. Well, if you're kids are anything like mine that's how it will work.

Water Beads -- Water beads are so fun to play with. There isn't much to them but something about them is really fun. 

My Little Sandbox -- Campbell got this for his birthday one year and it is still so loved by he and Bennett. We do this outside because it can accidently get messy. There are so many different kinds on Amazon for girls and boys so browse them all! 

Play-doh -- I have a love hate relationship with Play-doh. I love it because it keeps my kids endlessly entertained but I hate the mess it makes. And my kids leave it out for hours and it goes dry. But, when I'm desperate, I will totally throw Play-doh their way and let them go for it. I have learned that the simpler sets are better, for us anyway. My boys enjoy rolling and cutting more than anything. I linked one of our favorite sets but couldn't find it on Prime. 

Pony Beads -- This is something my kids have always done in pre-school and they love it. They make bracelets using pony beads and pipe cleaners. It doesn't require any assistance and it keeps them super entertained. I always have them separate the beads out by color first before they start making their bracelets. It's 100% unnecessary but it makes the craft take longer so just take my word and make them think they need to separate the colors. Click HERE for pipe cleaners. 

Crayola Color Wonder -- I'm a big fan of the mess free coloring. Bennett still makes me nervous with markers but he loves markers so much. This is a great compromise! It looks like a marker and I don't have to get stressed about it ruining something.

Aquabeads -- Campbell was so obsessed with Aquabeads at one point. They kept him soooo busy.

Where's Waldo Books -- We love Where's Waldo Books in our house and they definitely keep my boys entertained and occupied!

Puzzles -- Puzzles are some of our favorite things to do in our house. We love the Ravensburger puzzles and they come in pieces anywhere from 24 to 5000!! Try challenging them with a puzzle that you think they can handle but will take them a while.

Cosmic Kids Yoga. Not on Amazon but Netflix and so fun and entertaining! 

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